Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kitchen Herb Garden

You are getting a glimpse of what constitutes my windowsill herb garden. Just a couple kinds of parsley, chives, and green onions. Remember a while back on my old blog, that I mentioned reading that you can plant green onions (scallions as we call 'em) from the grocery store in a pot to keep them growing? You just snip off the green part when you need it and keep them watered. It's true, they do keep growing and now I can't remember when I last had to buy them. What a great tip that was. Anyway, we don't have any proper windowsills yet, so these just sit on a shelf by the kitchen window. Nothing fancy, but they are a help in the kitchen. I despised buying those big bundles of herbs they sell at the store and only using a few tablespoons for soup or something, and then having to throw the rest away. This is a money saver and reminds me of summer, too.

A seed catalog came in the mail the other day, already. Yes, I'm scheming.

I really want to thank all the readers of this blog who followed me over her from HSB. It's so nice to be able to share things with friends, and I consider you all friends.

On the Table: Aren't we all still eating some leftovers? Tonight I'll supplement them with a spinach and artichoke dip and some veggie quesadillas.

In the Kitchen: I used to have this great cinnamon-y granola recipe that has gotten lost somewhere. Last night I tried a new recipe from one of my cookbooks and it did not turn out very well. Edible and snackable, but not delicious. I have a feeling that at 350 the heat was too high for one, and that I should have used two pans to spread the granola out instead of just one pan.

Around the Home: Slowly accumulating items for Christmas, and on the lookout for ideas. Bless the person who flat out tells me what they would like me to make them for Christmas. Also it's a great day to try and clean the house since my husband has taken the dogs with him to haul some wood out of his family's wood lot, meaning the house is empty except for me.

Follow up:
Thanks to those who weighed in about whether to wrap our nephew's birthday gift on the occasion of him turning One. I just smacked a bow on it and some ribbon, and wouldn't you know his 2 and 1/2 y-o sister immediately took possession of the toy anyway.


  1. I love the window plant tips. Thanks!

  2. Great idea with the green onions! I wonder if you could plant a few cloves of garlic, and just use the new greens like that?


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