Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanks for visiting my new blog. After thinking about it, I decided to transition to Blogger as it allowed me to simplify many things, including the url which is now
Isn't that the easiest thing ever? Of course, I still plan to read all of the blogs I kept up with on HB and will still check my pm's there. As you can see, I am just getting started here and have not added much content yet, but will post a new profile photo and some other decorative touches soon.


You may remember some time ago that I purchased some old feed sack cloth at the outdoor market in Kutztown. Here is my first project from that batch of fabric, a cover for my stand mixer:

It's a bit imperfect as I had to create a pattern by modifying one for a bread maker cover. Also, that binding was a bit difficult to put on when it is covering a 3-layer sandwich of fabric. But hopefully it will serve it's purpose and keep dirt and construction debris out of my mixer bowl! Now I know that I'd like to take the rest of the material and make a few more appliance covers and some coordinating things for the kitchen.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, our trap-savvy mouse has been impossible to catch and is continuing to wreak havoc during the night. It made its way to the utensil drawer one night and began to tear apart a pastry brush. Yuck! After coming home from a church meeting last night I had to clean out the drawer and run everything through the dishwasher. Just how I wanted to spend the evening. My husband is talking about resorting to poison.

On the Table: Pumpkin pancakes, pizza casserole, spinach (truly the last of the garden?) and salmon. Also, pear pie.

Around the Home: My home is a mess and needs to be cleaned so badly, but already more and more things seem to be popping up every weekend to keep us occupied. It is one reason I truly dread the impending season, as us task-oriented non-social types secretly wonder why a work frolic doesn't count as a holiday get-together. This weekend I would just like to squeeze in a good dusting, but for now it is off to the store and then laundry before preparing supper.

Just Wondering: Would it be okay not to wrap my one-year old nephew's birthday gift, or maybe just put a big bow on it? Or is that just something you have to do and cannot get away with?


  1. Hi Monica,
    Nice to see your new blog. I hope it is simpler than HSB. That is one of the reasons I moved over to blogger as well.

  2. Hey Monica. I love the new blog, and I am glad you will be coming to visit often at HSB.

    As for me, I think it would be fine not to wrap the present. LOL When Noah was one year old, he didn't understand the whole wrapping thing anyway, and I ended up unwrapping all his presents and handing them to him and then he got excited to see the toy. LMSO

    Talk to you soon dear.

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  3. I will also comment on the gift wrapping...I noticed with both of our little ones that for the first and second birthdays they are far more interested in the package than the gift. If it comes in a box, the box may as well have been the gift. It's like they take every peice of the gift and enjoy it in time. *smile* Lots of fun these little ones. *smile*

    As for the new blog. I hope you like the lower maintnance here and are enjoying bloging here just as well as before. I have a couple other friends that blog here and they seem to really enjoy it. *smile*

    Have a wonderful day and remember to pray always. I don't want to forget to tell you, I like the mixing bowl cover. Very nice. I bet it was a pill to get the edging through the machine. *smile*

    Better go for now. Harvest blessings. -me- (Mommy of two little blessings.

  4. My Gma M had a clothespin bag she'd made out of a flour sack. I always loved the texture and very faded (from the sun) pink and blue logo on it. Are chicken feed sacks the same texture? How big are they?

  5. In case you wanted to make your own clothespin bag, Gma had used a piece of fairly heavy insulated (therefore, covered) wiring to thread through a hem at the top of the clothespin bag, so it would stay round, and she'd be able to reach one hand into the opening, while holding the wet clothes to the line with the other hand.

    1. My grandma had a clothespin bag like that, too. :) In fact, I might inherit it!

      I love flour sack cloths, too! They are the best kitchen towels. In fact, I found some on clearance recently 3/$2 which is a deal considering the dollar store sells them for 1/$1. I put them aside for when the kitchen is finished. Anyway, the chicken feed sacks aren't quite the same texture. They are thicker and more sturdy. I still have some left and want to revisit that stash of fabric to see if there is enough to make a basic curtain for the kitchen window.

      Hey BAT Mom, if you join us at Kutztown this year I'll show you where I get those feed sacks. Every year I stop by the stand where the lady sells them (and other antiques). She's been saying she's going to retire and it's her last year for 3 or 4 years now. :)

    2. Gotta love grandmas! Some day when you're over at your grandma's I'd love to see a picture of her clothespin bag. I'm having trouble remembering how my grandma's was made at the top (the part that goes over the line). I'd like to make myself one one day - maybe out of a feed sack from the Kutztown Festival! I sure hope we get to go at the same time! That would be so much fun!

      That IS a screamin' deal on flour sacks! I love flour sack dishtowels, too, especially for drying my good china, silver, and crystal. Terrycloth dishtowels leave lint on them. I have several flour sack ones, and also found a stack of new ones at my mother-in-law's after she died. I bet she got them from my mister's grandmother. Of course, I had to bring them home.

      I bet feed sacks would make a great kitchen curtain. Sounds like another project to share on the blog one day! In my last house, at the laundry room window, instead of a curtain, I strung a piece of clothesline over the top of the window (using those screw-in doorstops to tie it to). Then I draped two matching pretty dishtowels lengthwise over the clothes line, securing them with four wooden clothespins I'd painted the same green as my cabinets were. I thought it looked really cute as a valance. I got a lot of compliments on it.

    3. Oops! Forgot to hit "reply". See comment below.

  6. Your clothesline curtain? I may have to steal that. I love it!

    Okay, grandma's clothespin bag hooks on to the clothes line by the wire handle being bent back in two places at the top to form a hook. Kind of like this:

    The clothespin bags that are really popular where we live are ones like this:

    I see these on clotheslines everywhere.

    1. Thanks for the links! I'd forgotten about those cute little bags that look like dresses!

      I posted my clothesline valance on your FB page.


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