Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I included the previous Saturday, since the baked cod is such a fast and easy meal. It's great for days when I go to the store and have to come home and make something fast. It's also a great way to use a pint of home canned salsa- very tasty. Also, with the leftover chili from Sunday's meal, I may be able to squeeze in chili-cheese fries as a treat during the week. I normally wouldn't attempt a chicken pot pie in the middle of the week because it's a little time intensive for a working gal like me, but I already have the square pot pie noodles ready to go (you can pick them up pre-made at your local Amish market if you want to save time) and so it will be a nice treat for my husband and provide leftovers as well.

Saturday: Easy Baked cod with rice, and corn-cabbage salad

Sunday: Chili in the crockpot, with corn bread

Monday: Cheeseburger soup

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday:Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Eggplant Parm

Saturday: Sausage Red Beans and Rice


  1. Have you made Cheeseburger soup before? I made it just this last week, a similar recipe to yours and it was sooo greasy. I didn't even put the sour cream in with all that butter. The only butter I used was to sauté the veggies. The ground beef was fairly lean, but it was just too much. I will omit the butter next time.

    So, your husband must like Eggplant? Oh, I have heard over and over the story of The Eggplant.
    (As a little background) Instead of taking every child to the store, Mom G would only take one at a time and rotate who would get to go. The rest stayed home with Dad.

    It appears that at one time or another every child, while shopping with Mom G, would be a little bit curious about that beautiful purple thing in the produce department. Mom G would snatch one up eager to let this child learn of the wonderful flavor of eggplant.

    Upon arriving home, the older siblings left there would help unpack the groceries. They would come upon said vegetable and let out a bewailing moan and condemn the hapless child for their curiosity, knowing what their mealtime fate would be.

    When Mom G proudly brings her masterpiece to the table, and heaps it on her youngest child's plate, he learns what his older siblings were talking about and vowed to never be curious again.

    As for me, when we were living with NF, she would regularly would eat eggplant. She let me have a taste once. Not really bad, but not good either. Just kind of bland.

  2. Yes, I often make it in the winter because it's nice and filling. I'm trying to think what could have gone wrong with yours because it should not be greasy at all. Looking at the recipe I have linked, I would probably only use 2 T. of butter and maybe a 1/4 cup of sour cream. Also, half that amount of cheese. But still, even if you followed this recipe I don't think it would end up greasy. BTW, my great aunt used to omit the dairy and just call this her vegetable soup. Next time, don't omit the butter, but just use 1/2 lb of the meat.

    About the only way I can tolerate eggplant anymore is breaded and slathered in tomato sauce. My mom has fed me so much eggplant in my life that I used to complain of "eggplant-itis." It is a deadly disease caused by eating too much eggplant. It sounds like MomG's family was very susceptible to it!

  3. I had Papa read my comment and he said I had it pretty close to what actually happened. And here I thought I was exaggerating a little. :O

  4. I have had the cheeseburger soup before. Not this same recipe, but close. I love it and it is very filling. Anyone who is a meat and tator person will love this.

  5. Ok, I am with ya on all the manus for this week except the cod. LMSO You know me, I am not much on FISH! ICKY!!!

    But the rest sounds good. And thanks for sharing the recipes. I will have to try cheeseburger soup. I bet hubby would love it.

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo


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