Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday and Exciting News

There was a rather hilarious incident this weekend involving an antique waffle maker, which was given to me by my mother. Okay, it wasn't actually antique, it was vintage. Anyway, with the instruction book long gone, I anticipated a learning curve, but the way my mother explained it to me, it sounded very easy. Just heat it up, poor in your batter, and when the light goes off the waffles are done. Well. I heated it up, and in all its shiny chromed glory, that thing got very hot. I poured the batter in, closed the plates, and then got nervous when it started smoking. Meanwhile, the light didn't go off. I opened it back up to witness a caked-on baked-on mess that would require the waffle plates soaking overnight in the sink.

Plan B: Call customer support. (Mom)

Customer support returns my call a few hours later (long after we had finished our emergency pancake supper) and provided insider info on this waffle iron's quirks. For instance, the old teflon plates aren't really no-stick and you need to spray them well with cooking oil. And no matter what, the first waffle never turns out, but waffles made after that will be fine.

So the next day I take the batter out of the fridge and keep at it, resulting in a pile of waffley-type things that are not square in shape but still edible. Guess what my husband is having for dinner tonight?

Sunday: Pan-seared fish with spanish rice and asparagus.

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Crock pot corn chowder and vegetable pizza

Wednesday: Taco Macaroni and spinach salad

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Artichoke Tuna Toss w/noodles (my husband likes this- it's not for me.)

Saturday: Husband away on annual winter camping trip- potluck with the wives

And here is the exciting news I wanted to share with you. I am working on an interview with author Lucinda Streiker-Schmidt, who has recently published her first book A Separate God: Journal of an Amish Girl. You can see the book on my Shelfari bookshelf to the right. Lucinda is so much more than an author, she is also a survivor of domestic abuse, a theme that is featured prominently in her book. It is Lucinda's hope that women will read her story and be able to recognize if they are abused and seek help for their situation. In the Amish culture, there are few to no resources for abused women. I hope to have the interview up within the next couple weeks, so just watch this space.


  1. I stomp my foot and say, "I will never get a waffle maker!". Seriously, it is just something I don't ever think of making myself. Eggos are just fine and it would mean another appliance. You want a fancy espresso maker?

    I hope the interview goes well. :)

  2. Oh honestly, I wouldn't have one if it wasn't free, and my husband seems to enjoy waffles while I prefer pancakes. That thing was a giant pain. Probably the newer ones work better.

  3. OK Monica I do have a waffle maker mine is Teflon but needs to be sprayed well. I can only make two at a time but we love it.
    Oh the book sounds so good I guess you will be getting a signed copy? I will watch for it in the stores and will have to get it.. I hope the interview goes well can't wait to hear more on it..
    Your menu also sounds good..
    thanks for sharing..
    Blessings Brenda/haflinger

  4. LOL I loved the whole story.

    MANY MANY years ago,I was making a turkey with all the fixin's and my told me she would be home if I had any questions. So I called her...several times. My dad would answer the phone,"Turkey Hot Line,May we help you??" LOL Every Thanksgiving I think of that now,even though they are both gone.

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo


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