Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Homemaking

Sorry to my MPM regulars, but I only have meal planning done until about the middle of the week. It's been a busy weekend!

This morning the truck came and dumped a load of mushroom soil near our garden. Unfortunately, the truck can't dump it right on our garden since our septic system is in the way, so for the second year in a row we have them dump it on a nearby tarp. The Mister shovels it and wheelbarrows it over to the garden. I spread it out with a rake. It's kind of a nice thing for us to do together, as we discuss some articles we've read in the recent issue of Family Life or what ever, joke around, and get the soil spread out nicely. Then I load our mucky, manure-smelling clothes in the washer and water the seedlings.

If you look closely, you can see the first seeds sprouting. They are sprouting quick this year from the heat of our stove. Outside in the front flower bed, the four tulips from last year are standing proud and ready, and I can spot returning daffodil stems, irises, and other spring bulbs that were planted in places I forgot about. There's so much hope in spring.

Oh, that reminds me. On Friday I'll announce my Spring Thing Giveaway which will run for a week. Don't forget to come back and enter!

In the Kitchen: Wasn't it about time that I finally ground those cayenne peppers we grew last year? Some were dried to perfection, others a moldy mess inside. I'll know better this year what to do about it. Still, with minimal coughing and sneezing they have been ground to spice. Truly, the final harvest from last year's bounty.

Around the Home: With spring sewing in full bloom, I'm also trying to create some sewing projects as gifts (I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done) and am finding the notions section of the fabric store I use to be terribly lacking. Are so many more people sewing that the selection is depleted? Or so few that they just don't bother to stock as much anymore? Anyway, my to-do list includes a table runner for my mother, some adorable pin-cushions for various deserving friends, and one dress that is cut and ready to go.

Thinking About: I had been thinking about sin a lot. Not the sins of others, but my own. How do you know if a sin is alive or dead? If it's alive, how can you kill it? It wondered me something fierce. And in the back of my mind, I knew the whole time that there is something on this teaching that I already knew and just couldn't seem to recall the information. I already knew part of the answer, but the puzzle wouldn't come together. I asked God for help and clarity. About a day later, my Minister shared a devotion in which Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like yeast (Luke 13:20-21). Yeast grows when it is alive. In other places in the Bible, sin is also compared to yeast. It has to be alive to grow and permeate, and to keep yeast alive, you have to feed it. That was part of my answer. Suddenly, it came back to me- that missing piece of the puzzle. A wise man once said that if you are focusing on sin more than you are focusing on Jesus, and it interferes with your prayer life, then stop thinking about that sin and refocus. He was right- the focus on sin can be a rabbit trail that will take you away from what is important. What is important is growing the kingdom of God and having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Just For Fun: "People tend to do there best when they feel that there appreciated." -an actual slide from a government ethics training session all employees are acquired to attend. Yes, we found the double spelling error funny. Call me petty.


  1. I am VERY petty when it comes to spelling errors. Then I go and type up an invitation purposely leaving out a vital letter. Much excitement here over it.

    So are you growing a mushroom garden?

    My meals are in no way planned this week, except for the salad I have to bring Sunday. I know what I'll make then.

    I accidentally buried my most recent Family Life, but I did get Keepers at Home today.

  2. "Mushroom soil" is just the name for composted soil left over from mushroom farms- it's like a very rich fertilizer for vegetable gardens. It also has manure in it. No, we aren't growing mushrooms. Just regular berries and vegetables!

    I just thought that spelling error was rather glaring, which was the only reason I mentioned it! If it had been part of my job to do a presentation and there was slide like that, it would have been curtains for me!

  3. I appreciated your thoughts on where to focus. That is one of those lessons I find I have to learn, and learn, and relearn. I'm in a fresh learning right now.

    Loved your "Just For Fun". I can believe it!

  4. Wow your starter plants are looking good with a sprout.. What have you started? We still have lots of snow here in Maine. I understand Mushroom soil is very good have you been using it long?
    Can't wait to see your sewing projects..
    Blessings Brenda..


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