Monday, April 27, 2009

All in God's Time


We finally invited my mother down to see the progress we've made on our house. She hasn't been down to our place in nearly two years, since we got married and bought this project. For three days I sorted, organized, purged, cleaned, wiped, shined, and swept to make it as presentable as possible, in relative terms. If it could be helped, I helped it, and if it couldn't, well, what can you do? As concerned as I was about the state of the house, I was even more worried about the dogs.

While Buddy wants to be every one's friend, Scrappy is more concerned with protecting us from strangers. That is, Who SHE perceives to be a stranger. She will bark and bark and blaffe until she gets tired, and meanwhile it is all terribly disruptive. But my mother was very reassuring. "I'll just pet them and explain who I am and give them each treats and tell them to be good. And I will tell them there better not be any barking or growling, and they will listen." This all sounded very optimistic. Not to mention, unrealistic. But when Mom made her appearance amidst a couple of barking dogs, how she explained it would all play out is exactly how it unfolded. She brought treats, calmly communicated with the dogs, and they were eating out of her hands both literally and figuratively. How did she know?

And after taking a walk at the park, we drove over to the nursery and picked out some plants for our gardens and she lent her advice and expertise on an endless array of flowers, from how many times that perennial really will come back, to what was a good price and what was a bit high. And I wondered in awe of her collective knowledge. How does she know?

As if the day couldn't get any better I received a call from my Aunt in Georgia, whom I have not seen in five years. Even better, she was leaving in the morning to drive north and wanted our house to be her first stop. She estimated that she'd get to our house about 6:30 or so Sunday evening. What could I say?
"I'll be on the front step waiting!"
This was terribly exciting. My Aunt was unable to make it to my wedding two years ago. It was a case of bad timing. It really smarted, as no one, and I mean no one, wanted to see me get married more than this one Aunt. Now the time had come.

More than one friend has commented on the uncanny timing of my Aunt arriving on the heels the big house-clean up for my Mom's visit. It was an unusual case of perfect timing, and a massive relief. Cleaning up a construction site is no task for the weak, and it took us days to get ready. I'm grateful that if we had to get a visitor on short notice, it would be the very next day. God's timing is always perfect. Only He knows.

In the Kitchen:
Well, my menu plan is not refined yet, and once company comes to town, all meal plans go out the window, anyway. But this morning I baked a peach crumb pie using the last of my home-canned peach pie filling, and we will get by just fine on leftovers. Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye out for rhubarb and making great plans for strawberry-rhubarb jam when the time comes.

In the Garden:
In the past few days we've gotten a surge of summertime temperatures which have given great convenience to hardening off those seedlings. I just hope the lettuce in the garden doesn't bolt, along with the dill. Oh, and I bought some lovely white flox for my front flower garden. Now if I can get some more hostas in it will look like a really perennial garden.


  1. I'd say you had pretty great timing with your visits - how fun!! My grandma used to make rhubarb pie but I've never had strawberry-rhubarb jam - my mouth is watering already!! I'd ask you where you get it, but I know you probably make it from scratch and that's something I've never even attempted. You probably even make your own glass for the jars!! ha ha I'm totally kidding - you're quite an inspiration! I hope you're taking before and after pictures of each room because that will be so neat to have one day. Let us know if you find anything exciting in the walls like old love letters or pirate maps or jewels or something. Wouldn't that be so cool?? Have fun with your company and have a great week!

  2. 1, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    Good morning Monica.. I hope your visit with mom and aunt are going well. Sounds like a grand day u had with mom walking in the park and then going to buy flowers.. Sounds like so much.. I'm going to miss not coming to PA this year to buy plants..
    My lettuce is just coming up and I haven't gotten dill it yet but need too.
    When you do your strawberry-rhubarb jam will that be a tutorial ? I also make it but do it with jello.. Looking forward to reading more on your blog..
    Blessings Sister BRenda

  3. Hi Brenda- No, I'm not doing a tutorial for the jam, I'm just making some. How does your jam turn out with the strawberry jello? I've seen that recipe but have not tried it.

    My dill isn't up either, but that's okay. Neither are my cucumbers!


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