Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Update

We are still waiting to get our computer back from the very capable hands of a good friend who is a tech genius, so I am unable to post photos of the delicious recipe I want to share with you, or much else at this time since my online activity is somewhat restricted. In fact, it is frustrating when you have photos on your camera that you cannot download to share at all. But here are few brief suggestions for savoring the summer, Mennobrarian-style:

  • In case you were wondering, it actually takes not one, but two weekends without internet access before you start to see an improvement in the area of domestic productivity. One weekend will shape up your garden and get a few projects out of the way, but two weekends will get you an uncluttered desk, cleaner house, and you will finally be caught up on laundry. I don't know about anyone else, but this time of year I could do a couple loads of laundry a day just to keep up with the constant flow of dirty, sweaty work clothes. 
  • Find someone who will repair our computers in exchange for produce and canned goods.
  • What happened to our computers can happen to anyone, and your surge protector is useless if lightning strikes your phone line. Spread the word.
  • You know it is hot when you go outside to pick a couple ears of corn, and when you come back inside are so drenched that you are no longer presentable, and have to shower and get dressed all over again, even though you did that twenty minutes ago. 
  • If you want to add interest to your Bible study group, hold the meeting outside, in a semi-wooded area at dusk when the mosquito population is in its prime, and you are endlessly cracking up because (and I am not making this up) the neighbor's rooster crows every time someone mentions the name "Judas." Then, go home and scratch your heart out.
  • Savor summer by watching a rabbit park itself outside the front window in a deliberate attempt to taunt your dog, and then find it all terribly unfunny when your dog lunges and tears the screen. Sigh. 
  • Get a first hand lesson in just how busy and distracted you are by coming home to a mess because you forgot to turn off the kitchen faucet on the way out the door. (And be grateful that if this had to happen, it happened in a house that is a construction project, because this flood could have really messed up a nice kitchen.)
  • Offer to give your husband some ideas on what to get you for your birthday, only to find out he has already gotten you something. Ponder how that could be when he has no idea what you need.
  • Smile every time you drive by the watermelon truck, and seriously consider making watermelon jelly.


  1. Funny post. Yup, those church gatherings at dusk are fun. But why is it everyone else is as passive as can be when you are flapping your arms about trying to kill all those real and imagined bugs. I think I know what it is, they are taking non-resistance to the extreme.

    You mean your husband bought you a gift? Whoa, I am floored. I have to send my husband links to articles about Snuggies. Oh, did you see the new dog snuggie?

    obratzo-- Reminds me of a little boy who needs his ear pulled on a time or two.

  2. Would a dog snuggie be a "Snoggy"?


    They're not even trying anymore!

  3. Watermelon jelly? Never had it, but I bet I'd gobble it up in 2 seconds. I believe it about needing two weekends without a computer to notice a difference around the house - same thing with being off work. If I'm off one day, fine, but two days in a row...that's when things get done. Can't wait to see the pics you've got planned to upload AND the recipe!

  4. Lightning can really mess stuff up. We had a zapper of a storm recently and thought lightning struck the pole barn next to us or a big tree. We couldn't see any damage though so we weren't sure where it hit. Last week Kevin was cutting hay in the field next to the pole barn and came up on a big scorched spot with the soil churned up!!! This was close to where we had two of our heritage hogs get killed last year in their portable pens. I will definately stay away from THAT field when it storms!

  5. Monica can't say I've ever heard of Watermelon jelly is it good? Do you have a recipe for it.I would love to make some.. Thanks..
    Blessings SIster Brenda


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