Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is your refrigerator running?

A friend often makes the casual observation that our house is cursed. While the Mister and I tend not to be superstitious, I do admit that in the short time we have lived here (not quite 2 and a half years) we have suffered some discouraging episodes. In fact, when the lightning struck and took out our phone lines a few weeks ago, I was more than a little surprised that it actually did not strike the roof and just plain set the house on fire. Yes, it's been a trying experience. We've suffered a number of crazy incidents, including discoveries of terribly unsafe electrical wiring, phone outtages when it so much as drizzles rain, and a number of precarious situations that were difficult to explain even to our family. Every appliance in our house, which were all purchased new in the past couple years and were all highly rated by Consumer Reports, has required service by repairmen for odd problems. All but our refrigerator, which has done remarkably well and has performed like the nearly new machine that it is. Until this week.

Can you imagine coming home to start supper, opening your refrigerator door, and finding that not only are the refrigerator contents not chilled, but are actually hot? We're talking so hot that the industrial glue that holds your temperature device to the ceiling of the fridge has actually melted, and your control panel has fallen off. The fridge was filled with a terrible odor from the glue, and I immediately started pulling out spoiled food. Miraculously, the freezer was working just fine. I immediately called the customer service number which is conveniently located on a sticker inside the door panel and they agreed that a service repairman would need to come out. And yes, it's still under warranty. They gave me a number to call, and I left a message on an answering machine while my husband made an ice run. We put what we could fit in a cooler. Thankfully, there wasn't too much waste, or too much that we could not eat for supper or freeze. I never saw anything like a crazy refrigerator that suddenly went hot, and the whole time my friend's words rang through my head..."You know that house is cursed."

This morning the repair service called us back to let us know that they have not serviced our brand of refrigerator for years, so we called back the company and they gave us a new number to call. Which was an answering machine. Of course. And no one has called us back either. Maybe because they don't want to come out to a house that is cursed to repair anything.

Oh, and at some point the refrigerator did start working again, which is even worse. Because now we don't trust it. 

In the Kitchen: Half pints of yellow tomato preserves spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and quarts of tomato sauce. I rarely do well with tomato sauce, so each year it's a new experiment. This week I'll start pricing apples for sauce and pie filling. And is it too late to get some peaches done? Last week in the kitchen while I was trying to simultaneously stir a pot and wash jars, I had an "I need a daughter" moment.

In the Garden: With the cooler temperatures we've been having, production is slowing down in the garden. It makes me sad to see the first leaves fall so early, where is this global warming they've been promising us? The final tomatoes are almost certainly around the corner.

Around the Home: Cleaning out my "pantry" which is really just an old bookcase shoved into a corner. Still, I could not believe the forgotten goods on those three little shelves- the things I've been buying when there was extra hidden right in front of me. Oh, and grudgingly refusing to pull out the quilts before summer is officially over. 


  1. Hey, I'll come be your daughter!! Wait, I'm older than you...nevermind. So all your appliances have needed repair, huh? Yeah, I'm not superstitious either, but let's call a spade a spade (a garden spade of course-ha ha). Hmmmm, I could send a priest over but you're not Catholic, Ah-Hah, but maybe your house IS! Oh forget it, you're cursed. ☺ Not. You'll be happy to know I've been working with tomatoes also - I sliced some for BLTs for supper. And I washed some lettuce. I'm feelin' kind of crazy, I might just make deviled eggs - reading about your cursed house made me think of those. HA HA HA JUST JOKING!!

  2. HI Monica I think you need a long prayer.. Your house I think has a ghost of some sort.. How about some Rue by the front door?sorry to hear about all your mishaps its time for some good to come..
    Blessings Sister Brenda

  3. This is a good reason to be Amish,eh? Keep everything in the spring house.....

  4. Our refrigerator is barely holding on. We are hoping to make it through the end of the year and invest in a new one with our tax refund!!! So I can sympathise with you girl.

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  5. So what did ya'll end up doing about the icebox? What a mess.

    ~Mrs. M

  6. Mama Hen- Just this past week, a repairman did come and replace the bad parts and make everything shiny and new again. Until then, we just took the refrigerator light bulbs out. As it turned out, there was a malfunction where the lights would not turn out when you closed the door, which would heat up everything and even melt plastic.


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