Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thoughts

It's been a busy end-of-the harvest season here, but our hands are slowly finding moments of rest. Our garden has been pulled and tilled under, the wood stove is burning with warmth, and Christmas suddenly seems like a real possibility instead of some distant date. We're so grateful for all that the milder temperatures have allowed us to accomplish (until today since we are now being pounded by rain and wind). Although not a cold weather person by any stretch of the imagination, I do value the rest that this time of year gives us and look forward to the nights spent in warmth catching up on reading, stitching, and letter writing. Even in the darkest months of the year I need to remind myself that there is much to be thankful for. And that leads me to the notebook. A friend gave me this beautiful autumn-themed notebook that has a fatal flaw- it's too pretty to be written in! I had thought of using it as a journal to record things that I am thankful for, but couldn't bring myself to actually write in that pristine pad. So today I am hopping on the thankfulness band wagon and listing some here, instead.

  • For all the hysteria of flu season, we have experienced none of that illness and remain in good health. This is a double blessing because in this month of late season construction we need all of our stamina and energy to finish some important projects besides something drastic happens. Like snow.
  • That God is in control. No man, no government, nothing can challenge Him. What a relief! We can't control everything, and I'm glad. Who has the time?
  • That I don't have to judge. Isn't that the most freeing thought, to know that we do not need to monitor and judge what other people are doing? Only God is judge, so he has relieved us from exercising our imperfect ability to do that. 
  • Family and friends. What would I do with out you? This includes my handy and patient husband.
  • A table full of warm, nutritious food and people to share it with.
  • The people in our Bible study group, who share their wisdom, caring, and even provide comic relief.
  • Our jobs. For all of the midweek griping that they sometimes induce, they are a gift that enables us to help others while providing for our needs. And since I have a few family members who are completely without work right now, I am extra thankful for this one. We've been so blessed.
  • The future. Lord willing, it's wide open and full of endless possibilities and opportunities that can't be predicted. And full of hope.

And please feel free to add your own!


  1. Will you be my sister - my younger sister, of course?? I would have no problem writing in that pad - do a giveaway and make me win. In addition to the obvious, I am thankful for the wisdom that has come with getting older, not OLD, just older. I am beginning to care less and less about making everyone happy and that's very difficult but very necessary and oh so freeing! I, too, am thankful for good health in mind and body. Praise HIM for all!!

  2. You have already covered a lot of what I am thankful for. So I'll just add a hearty Amen!

  3. There is just so much I am thankful for I can hardly put it to word. I will try though. I am doing a thankful post on facebook each day so here goes. I am thankful for my little house and a beloved husband and adorable dog that lives in it with me. I am thankful for my church family and my friends who are inside this little box called a computer. I am thankjful for each new day to serve the Lord, and that He has given me that day. i could go on and on now that I got going, but I won't. Blessings!

  4. Lovely post. You reminded me that yes, we didn't get the flu. Praise God. The paragraph about jobs was lovely too.


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