Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year Wrap Up

With a few more months to go until spring, I'm already searching for mercy in the cold, dark days of winter. The gray skyline and stark branches of trees provide little comfort for man or beast during these frosty days. I am all "baked out" after Christmas and have tins full of treats to last for a month. Now I am spending the end of the year comforting my sad mama hen friends with grown children who are flying back to their independent lives, perusing the lovely gardening/canning book that I received for Christmas, and thinking about my next round of sewing projects. In other words, I'm making due until sunnier days.

Oh, and that doll dress I made for a friend of a friend? It went over like a charm, and fit perfectly. I was so relieved to hear that. It felt good to bless a stranger.

This was the cake I baked for our Christmas Eve get-together with my side of the family.
Usually I make a traditional English trifle which has gone over well with most people, but this year someone wanted a cake. So, to please everyone, this is actually my trifle in cake form. A yellow sponge cake, elderberry jelly filling, whipped cream frosting, fresh raspberries and toasted almonds. Very easy, too. The hardest part was getting it down our icy driveway in the cake carrier without it sliding around!

A view from between the rows- dried corn stalks across the road.

Wishing you all many blessings in the New Year!

"Behold, I make all things new."


  1. Elderberry jelly?? Homemade I'm sure! I prefer the youngerberry myself. SO yummy looking - I love the fruit/nut touches. Enjoy your time indoors - at least you're not the type to get bored easily. Maybe you should do some traveling - oh, to ol' MO?? You could sell those doll clothes - that outfit was precious. Happy New Year ~ ♥

  2. Your 'trifle' cake looks delicious.Sending you warm wishes until your springtime.

  3. I love those dried corn stalks.


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