Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Know You've Had It with Winter When...

  • The reading pile that you thought would last until May might not make it through March.
  • You forgot what it was like to open a window.
  • You know all events are canceled before someone calls to tell you, and you're surprised that the person delivering the news sounds surprised.
  • A discussion on how much snow is in the forecast suddenly counts as meaningful communication among friends.
  • Due to random power outages, you and your friend have given up trying to e-mail each other and have reverted to written letters and stamps.
  • You see the filled parking lot at the store and decide you really don't need milk after all.
  • You're baking just because it's a warm activity.
  • You feel competitive when comparing the size of snow drifts on your property with other people's.
  • You no longer remember where the flower pots you forgot to take in are located, as they've been buried for so long.
  • You are acutely aware that there are 39 more days until spring!


  1. "Hang in there, this winter has got to come to an end sometime." is a phrase you hear often at our house. Though we never had more than 6 inches of snow at one time the two feet of mud made up for it between storms. Bleh, I'm sick of winter!

  2. That's so funny because when Scott worked in the stores, they'd say they have to open the "panic aisle" - someplace where people can run in and get milk, bread and eggs - there must be a big run on french toast in bad weather! ha ha I open the door to let the dogs out and they feel the first rush of cold air and turn around and go lay back down. Too cold for even the necessities! 39 more days huh?? I'm counting... ♥

  3. P.S. Our drifts are higher than your drifts - nannie nannie boo boo. And we have to walk everywhere - uphill both ways.

  4. Mama to Sir DancelotFebruary 9, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Nope, my drifts are bigger than all of yours put together!

    Oh, someone had too much sugar today from the yellow frosting.


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