Friday, March 5, 2010

Library Do's and Don'ts

Don't start your question with the phrase "I hate to bother you..." I don't mind you bothering me- I'm here to help you. It's the deal I made with my employer. Don't worry, I'm compensated for helping you. Also, lets face it: If you really hated to bother me, you just would not unless things got desperate. Don't be insincere.

Do tell us when you think we've been extremely helpful or when you find something you like at the library. We really care about what you like as much as what you don't like.

Don't (and this is a big one) leave your small child unattended anywhere in the building while you go to the restroom/check your e-mail/mess around with your phone. This is a public building. Anyone can, and does, come through our doors. That includes predators. And although most of us are woefully overqualified to watch your child, we are not a daycare.

Do be courteous of other people who are also waiting for help.

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask us anything. We really have heard it all, and some of your questions are ones that we hear several times a week.

Do take your phone calls to the lobby where you won't disturbs college students trying to study, homeschool families, people writing resumes and looking for jobs. It's distracting the first time when your phone goes off with its ring tone playing "New York, New York" and it's worse a second time when we listen to you shout "What? WHAT? YEAH, I'M AT THE LIBRARY."

Don't forget to use the library and remember that we're more than just books. We're also a free source of entertainment, a free place to bring your family, a free place to take classes, and a place where information professionals can help you find out about anything. For free.


Your Librarian


  1. Thank you for spelling this out! This is quite timely, but I noticed one item is missing that apparently needs to be stated:

    Please don't take your shoes off in the library because your feet hurt, then wander around the library without them. There are those who do not appreciate your making yourself at home in this manner; it's probably against the health code; and finally, there are those rascally ones in every library who can and will take your $300 shoes and hide them in the French Literature section, either on a lark, or because they think you won't remember you wore shoes into the library when you step out in the February snow, and that they will later be able return to claim said shoes as their own!

    It's really too bad someone hasn't told this to one of the members of my family who shall remain nameless (mostly because I am totally humiliated that he would do such a thing). Oy! A woman's job is never done!

  2. Oh BAT Mom...I don't even know where to begin on that one!

  3. When the librarian tells you that your fine is $45.35, please don't look at us like we grew an arm out of our head and tell us you never heard of any of those books that were returned late. We've already heard that story for the umpteenth time today. Thanks!


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