Monday, March 1, 2010

Loving Your Enemies...or just difficult people

I have a quality that may be a gift. I can get along with difficult people. Often with hilarious results. This does not mean that people whom others have a hard time getting along with are really not difficult to get along with, or that they go on to become my best friend or anything like that. It simply means I can tolerate them, usually long enough to work with them for a few hours, and a few here and there even rise to "buddy status" where they seem to become less difficult. Part of it is that difficult people like me because, up to a point, I allow them to be difficult. I can stand there and nod my head sympathetically while they complain about whatever it is they have to complain about, and I let them complain and don't jump in and try to fix the problem. To me, that just seems like being polite. The other part of it is less charitable: If someone is really a BIG pain in the neck, inflexible and unbending, I simply write them off as crazy and then they don't annoy me as much because I recognize their handicap of sheer madness. And yes, like everyone else, there are a few people who I really can't stand, and literally, can't stand them enough to stand there and listen to them. That is when the grace runs out and I walk away. I'm imperfect too!

This quality is one that I've somehow recognized I have over time, and one that I hope grows because it makes life easier and less stressful.

Yesterday's message in church was "Love your enemies." But I had been thinking about this for a while. How timely.

Anyway, I had a slight panic yesterday when I pulled biscuits that look like this out of the oven:

What?! How can something so simple, something I've made a hundred times, go so wrong??

I worried for a minute that maybe I had lost my "gift" to bake, and then where would I be? No place, that's where. So I baked a self-confidence booster, just to make sure I haven't lost it.

Ah, that's better. Yes, the earth is still on its axis. A perfect Sunday evening snack.

I cleaned out the refrigerator this weekend and learned a few things. If the "use by" date on the bottle is so old that it's worn off, the date has probably passed. For some reason, we own a dazzling array of mustard. Pickles, too. And unbelievably, we've decided it's better to open a new jar of jam rather than eat the last tablespoon in a nearly finished jar, judging by the number of jelly jars I unearthed with just a fragment of jam or jelly left in them.

My productivity stats:

Ovens cleaned: 1
Number of old dresses turned into quilt squares: 2
Number of days until spring: 18 days
Amount of snow the past 3 days: A measly 4 inches
Meals made into a second meal: One big pot of chili served up as second time as cheesy chili quesadillas. I found my inspiration here.


  1. Isn't is amazing what can grow in the fridge??

  2. This is so timely and perfect ~ we just got assigned a date that we each have to attend a meeting at Headquarters on "How to get along with dificult patrons" - mine's April 13th. I said, "What!?? I could teach that class!" Yes, it is a gift and it usually helps if those from whom you've gotten your experience are related. ha ha By the way...those out Auntie Anne!! You Mennonites sure know how to twist the dough don't you?? I've never made a pretzel - I'm putting that on my to-do list. ♥

  3. Beth, pretzels are SO easy to make. You'll see. And your children will love you for it. :-)

  4. I wish more people would develop the ability to get along with all sorts like you have. People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. They never fail to amuse, especially when they start talking crazy-like and you utilize the nodding technique you mentioned. Fantastic free entertainment!

    Your pretzels look delicious. Do you use that lovely flakey salt called Fleur de Sel on them?

    I'd love to see a great chili recipe. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect recipe - hot, spicy, with beans, etc. The quesadillas look yummy!


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