Friday, March 5, 2010

Sewing and Sowing

The sky has looked deceptively sunny for a few days, but as soon as you step out the door a wave of cold air hits you like a sheet of ice. The snow has melted and things are looking deceptively spring-like. I have venison sausage, onions, and peppers simmering on the stove for sandwiches later, and am finally feeling like I am getting ahead on some sewing projects.

Last summer I saw a great pattern in a quilt shop for a sewing machine cover. It was by Lazy Girl Designs, and I just loved the name! It sounded like something that might be easy to do, and how perfect- I needed a sewing machine cover. Most patterns are somewhat complicated for me to read, possibly because of my dyslexia. They never have enough pictures to show me what to do (I'm big on visual learning) and sometimes the language leaves me wondering what in the world they are talking about. But I was so delighted with this pattern and, wonder of wonders, it really did come out okay. Plus it only took a few hours over the course of two days to complete. Count me as a fan of the Lazy Girl Design patterns.

Now I am piecing those charm squares I showed you last time for a table runner project. So far, it's going well, and I'm so excited about the colors. It's the Nature's Notebook collection, April Cornell for Moda, if you are a fabric enthusiast. (which I am not, but there is potential there.)

Oh, and I'm cutting out 144 charm squares for a new quilt project that will some day be called "stuff I wore" and I just get so excited about sewing this time of year, which is so unfair. Because in another couple months those projects will be dormant and I will be so excited about gardening, again. In just a few short weeks we'll be planting peas.

Speaking of projects, I'm sorry to see Beth at The ImPerfect Housewife announce her plans for an extensive blogging break. But, I completely understand the need for a break and the need to manage and prioritize life and its many projects. And I was thinking maybe, just MAYBE, she could stop by and do a special post as a guest blogger sometime to tell us how and what she is doing. What say you Beth?


  1. Well, just look at you go! You're really on a roll now! Good for you!

  2. You are too funny - I would love that!! IF I can do it from your house - deal?? Seeing your project is the reason in a nutshell for my break - I can't wait to dig in to some things that have been calling my name and I haven't sewn in ages and just love doing it. Keep posting because I'll still be by to visit ~ ;)

  3. April Cornell fabric?? WHooeee! I didn't know that was around! We LOVE poring over the website with clothes she has . . . I'll keep my eyes open the next time I get to a top quality fabric store--don't think my Wal-mart or JoAnn's are so high class as to have AP . . . sad.


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