Thursday, July 1, 2010

With One Hand Tied Behind My Back

About a week after I came home from the hospital, the Mister and I had to decide whether we were going to save our garden. Although it was routinely watered, three weeks worth of neglect had taken its toll. Some of the weeds were a foot high, and they were so abundant that even with two good hands it would have been nearly impossible to clean up our plot without hiring a lot of help. The Mister has been busy rebuilding the sub floor in our house -a very important project that I did not want to take him away from to help pull weeds. One night as I stood in the midst of our overrun vegetable garden, I mentally calculated how much money it saves us, and how we eat from it all year. Most of our tomato plants have large green fruit on the vines. There had to be some way to get a grip on this thing. Then, that night, a cousin told me that if we put down a layer of straw, it would kill the weeds, depriving them of sun. Of course! Why didn't we think of this? So bails were purchased and after pulling out the worst weeds, I spread out the straw.

It's a very different look for my garden, but if it works I certainly won't mind it! Meanwhile, I also trimmed back the tomatoes and engaged in some tactical staking which I dubbed Operation-Get-Tomatoes-Off-The-Ground.

I'm slowly reclaiming life in little ways. The doctor has me going to wound care/physical therapy three times a week because she feels it will heal faster that way. It sounds strange, but I have to do exercises to get the joints in my thumb working again. Meanwhile, I am driving and shopping and starting to cook again.

One night I noticed a flyer on the table advertising cherries on sale. It was time to can cherries, and here I am with a messed up hand. There would have been no way I could have canned our year's supply of cherries had I not purchased a new cherry stoner on a whim some months back. It was the end of a long day of errands and shopping, and as I was ready to leave the dry good store, I saw they had cherry stoners on display. It was actually on my "need list" to get a better one so I could process more cherries, and the price was very good. Good thing I bought it. My thumb did not need to be used at all to work this new one, and I was able to get our cherries done. Amazing how that worked out.

While I have not heard the word drought yet, it has been very dry in our neck of the woods. The one or two thunder showers we get a week last only about five minutes and barely settle the dust.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers! May you all be blessed in ways you need it most.


  1. Hello Monica,
    So glad life is returning to some sort of routine for you. My garden is mulched similarly to yours every summer. It is the only way to beat the weeds and heat here in Australia.
    Take care

  2. I am so thankful to see God's handiwork (pun intended) in your life! It's exciting to see you able to take care of those things He's blessed you with. I'm still praying for you, dear sister in Christ!

  3. Wow, what an ordeal. A good suggestion from your cousin to cover with straw, not only will it keep the weeds at bay, but it will also help conserve water. My husband doesn't like to use mulch, but before we were married I used this method to keep the weeds down around the plants and then tilled between the rows periodically also. We had lots more space to plant then, now we are on a smaller plot of earth, so it is not possible to till between rows.

    We're so glad to hear that your hand is mending. What a blessing the infection did not spread and that the Lord spared your thumb.

    We pray it will continue to heal and you will be able to regain full use.

    Mmmmm cherries sound very yummy. When we lived in NY we had loads of cherries, but in Northern New England most of our cherries are not the sweet dark cherries, but the sour little pie cherries. Still good for baking though.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So glad to read that you are healing well and able to start getting back into some of your normal routines and activites. God is good. Still praying for you.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I've got you on my daily prayer list... even though I've not commented lately, I've "read and run" so to speak, so know what's been going on with oyu. So glad things are looking up for you. We've been dealing with some things lately that have kept my undivided attention, too, so I totally understand the garden being overrun by weeds! It seems such a task, but we get it done. I've used straw before, but the seeds are never fully removed from it and it always grows like... weeds! LOL!

    Lord be with you and continue to heal you! {hugs}

  6. Monica,
    I'm sorry to hear about your thumb (have been limited with the internet), but glad to hear it's healing well! Don't forget to wear a glove when you are out gardening until it's completely healed. So glad to see you were able to use the mulching to save your wonderful crop. I have a letter half written which I hope to get posted in the next couple of days. Take care my friend.
    Hugs, Sharm

  7. You had a cherry stoner on your "need" list - that's something I don't read too often! ha ha SO happy you're able to get some things done little by little. I hope the pain is going away as well. I love hearing about all the prayers you're getting - that's so neat and has got to be a great feeling! Well I hope your cherries get stoned and life continues to return to normal. :D


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