Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seeking the Saturday Evening Feeling

Some of my favorite times are any Saturday evening after the grass is freshly mowed, the gardens are watered, and the dishes have been washed and put away, when a calm lull descends over the end of another week. You still might hear the quiet hiss of a garden hose running, or smell one last treat baking in the oven, but a finality to all we have accomplished sets in. As the sky begins to darken, our hearts and minds turn to readying ourselves for worship and making sure that our homes are in order (or at least not in chaos) for the following day. There is something comforting about a Saturday evening devotion, giving the Lord our full attention after the work of another week is done. It doesn't feel like an end, but a calm beginning. The week does not begin with a dive into rushed productivity, but actually begins with rest. Every day is a blessing, but I love a Saturday evening. I recently read somewhere that "Home is a time, not a place." I wonder how true that is, or whether it is always the case? Now I wish I could smugly tell you that a Saturday evening at my house means no wash on the lines and a freshly swept porch. Alas, that is rarely the case. If you define the word "rarely" as never. The most I can hope for right now is that all the tomatoes are picked, the kitchen counter is clean, and I have some idea of what I'll be wearing on Sunday morning. But it still feels like everything I love about that night and permeates me with the satisfaction of a well-lived week. This might be because it's so hard to find time during the busy season to find time to relax, so I value quiet moments even more. After all, even if you are not growing a garden or putting up food during the summer, you are still facing travel plans, family reunions, guests, picnics, summer Bible school...the list goes on and on. None of these things are any burden at all, but it does make it more of a challenge to find some stillness in the fury of activity. Here are a few ways I've tried to make time to get some added rest...

A planned day of sewing.
Yes, there was nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon in air conditioning along with one of my UFO's and watching as the pieces come together on a no-rush sewing project.
Some of you may remember the charm pack I posted about here. When I saw this pattern for the Country Charm Table Runner I knew instantly it was the right idea for that pack. Will my love affair with blue and yellow ever end?

Please pardon the wrinkles. As you can see, this has been pieced but is not yet quilted.

Making root beer. Just mix and wait! I love a nice cool root beer float in the summer with home brewed root or birch beer. If you haven't tried making root beer before, it's the perfect time and temperature.

Finally, amusing myself with silliness.

photo courtesy of E.H., who shares my sense of humor.


  1. Blue and yellow are my favorites together also! I like navy blue and yellow, too. What a great wind-down post - something that's been on my mind quite a bit lately. Thanks for helping me to exhale and now I think since I've mastered your whoopie pie recipe, I'm going to tackle the home-made root beer if I can think of something to put it in. That sounds so good! I've still got the ginger ale I bought when I was going to try the rhubarb cold drink that I haven't tried yet. Scott keeps saying, "Are we going to do something with this??" Uhhh yeah - don't rush me! ♥

  2. Beth~ Put the root beer in some empty plastic liter bottles. It works! Use the ginger ale and then you'll have your first empty bottle. :) Every summer I get so busy I have to remind myself that this is my favorite time of year and I need to stop and enjoy it because it will not last forever.

  3. Hope you post photos when the project is completely done! ;-)

  4. Did you learn to sew from your mother? I always wondered how people learned it.

  5. Construction Pro- My mother did (does) sew but I am mostly self-taught, and the only quilter left in my family. I love to learn and am good at teaching myself new skills. Anyone can learn to sew. :)

  6. My first quilt class took us through yellow and blue fabrics. It is a pretty combination and your runner is beautiful. Great job! I am over at blogger now too since homesteadblogger changed things up over there. Any ways, like the runner and can understand you color combination as well as the love you have for it. *smile* Have a gerat day and keep those stitches going. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  7. Wow, homemade rootbeer?? That sounds yummy!!!


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