Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Acts of Seasonal Beauty

These violas are a testament to the truth that even in October, the garden center is still a dangerous place for me to be, even if only stopping to buy a couple bags of dirt. Who knew I would be confronted with flats full of one of my favorite little flowers?

As I've mentioned here previously, we live along a well-traveled and busy road. This makes for noise, some unusual encounters, and a whole lot of litter. Sometimes people break down and need our help, and once when I was not at home a man stopped in wanting to talk about our garden and how we got a certain flower to grow, and the poor soul was stuck talking to the Mister, who is the carpenter and not the gardener. I hoped the man would come back so I could have a nice garden chat, but he didn't.

Anyway, the other day I was taking my life in my hands by planting bulbs out by the roadside as an occasional car flew past exceeding not just the speed limit, but the speed of light. As I tossed an empty cigarette pack out of the way (
could someone enlighten me on how people come to the conclusion that it is acceptable to toss trash out of their car windows?) a rather pessimistic thought came to mind. That thought was, why bother? Even though I enjoy daffodils with a passion, is it really worth it to plant little clumps at the edge of our driveway where they will catch the fast food wrappers from unappreciative souls? Isn't there something more substantial I could be doing? But then I thought of how so many women possess this wonderful trait that God has given each of us which motivates us to create small acts of beauty. It's the reason why I will visit my single-lady cousin and find a delicate antique tea cup on her counter containing a pleasing flower arrangement, while my widowed uncle thinks a half-burnt candle and empty mug on top of a weathered hunting magazine is just fine to look at every day. When I drive down the road and see the lovely clumps of flowers around lamp posts and mail boxes, it's likely they were planted by another woman who appreciates small touches of prettiness. The quilt hanging on the wall in our church entrance way? Created and hung there by women, no doubt. Like tiny little violets persevering in the cooler months, our smallest moments of artistry are a tribute to the Master Artist, and give everyone who sees them a message that we care. Even about the seemingly small things.

This is not to say that men don't care about small acts of beauty, they just create them differently. Like when a man walking along our road saw the Mister bringing in the mail and asked him for a lighter. The Mister didn't have a lighter, but he did offer the unemployed man some work. A random act of beauty of a different variety.

Planting bulbs in the fall always helps instill me with a little hope for the future. Winter is but for a season, and new life will spring from these bulbs (catch the pun?) months from now when after a winter of stark gray I'll be itching for something colorful and fragrant.

Morning glories on the trellis


  1. Beautifully written, Monica. I, too, love violas and pansies. I always had a row of pansies planted when we lived in Phoenix, for beautiful blossoms all through the winter there.

    And your photo of the morning glory vine takes me back to my girlhood days in Kansas. This fence with morning glories looks just like the fence with morning glories we had in our backyard. I always loved those little blue flowers, especially since they are the birth flower for September, my birth month.

    Keep up the great work! You "plant flowers" in the hearts of your readers with every posting! Big hugs!

  2. BAT Mom - That was so nicely put! Of course we're not speaking for all men, but I love how women just help make things "pretty" and add their personal splashes of colors - I'm glad you did that for others to enjoy because no doubt, they will. I remember seeing daffodils around a tree in the woods and I took a picture of it because it was just so random. What a sweet post ~ ♥

  3. A tribute to the Master Artist... I LOVE it! That gets to the deeper need in us to create these little places of beauty wherever we can, besides them being pleasing to the eye.

    Very nicely done post... thank you for reminding us to plant beauty along the way for others... there may be some who litter, but others who appreciate "random acts of beauty."

  4. I liked so much about this post . . . I wouldn't even know what to say I liked first! ;-)

    BTW, I'll probably be having bulbs from Dutch Mill bulbs for sale soon if you are looking to buy any. Raising funds and all that, you know. ;-) LMK if you want more info.

  5. At some point in the past 3 years I must have planted some pansys somewhere on this property... or perhaps the birds did it, 'cause they're coming up all over. I love it. I even dug a few up and put them into pots around the house this summer so I could enjoy them before some random piece of construction equipment ran over them. It is wonderful how God the creator places these small glimmers of beauty in our path. We live on a backroad that is so rough only the native travel it... therefore we don't seem to have a lot of problems with trash. I know what you're saying though, it seems people have no regard to what they throw out the window of their car. It they do it's someone else's problem.

    I have daffodils planted by the road too, but when we get the dirt work done around the house I will put a bunch in up there too. Near our mailbox I have day lilies and comfry. The comfry grows fast and usually dies off at least once during the summer and has little purple bell flowers. Not a really pretty plant, but the leaves are interesting and the thing is indestructable which makes it a good roadside plant.

    (from wikipedia)
    Comfrey is an excellent source of potassium, an essential plant nutrient needed for flower, seed and fruit production. Its leaves contain 2-3 times more potassium than farmyard manure, mined from deep in the subsoil, tapping into reserves that would not normally be available to plants.

    Sorry this is so long

  6. What a wonderful post! I have morning glories all over the place and so enjoy them.

  7. Have I mentioned how much I love my readers lately? Writing about beautiful thing is easy when surrounded by women with such beautiful hearts and passions of their own!


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