Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilted Wall Hanging: Win It

Some months ago, an opportunity arose to use some of my meager skills to help my friend raise money for her adoption. I was asked to do make a wall hanging from a previously pieced quilt block. I was so excited to help! The block was a lovely 8 point star pattern in blue florals and stripes, made out of poly-cotton dress fabric that is resistant to fading. After adding some borders, hanging sleeve, binding and embellishments, we finally have a wall hanging.

These are the specs: Finished project is 34” wide by 32 inches. It is machine quilted with light blue thread, yo-yo flower accents on the white inner border, and white backing with hanging sleeve. All fabrics are new. The last picture shows it on a table because even in if you are not in the market for a wall hanging, it would make a nice table topper or decorative accent piece, too. The pattern is a traditional 8-point star.

Like I said, I did not piece the center star pattern, just turned it into something more complete!

It is completely homemade, and as such there are a few unique quirks with it. Maybe you won’t notice...maybe I’ve just been looking at it too long. It definitely has a homespun quality to it.

How to win: You must submit an entry by making a minimum donation of five dollars to the Dueck family’s adoption fund. You can do this by going to their site and clicking on the link on the right hand side for REECE’S RAINBOW and making the donation through Paypal. Once you have donated, and we can confirm this, you are entered! Please leave us a comment so we can confirm with RR that you are entered to win.

You will also gain additional entries for donations of more than five dollars. A five dollar donation will buy you one entry, but $10 will give you two, $15 will give you three, etc. One entry for each confirmed $5.00 donation.

For additional entries, you can also spread the word about this on your blog and provide a link to your post in the comment section.
You can share about this fundraising giveaway on Facebook and let us know.

Unfortunately, I have to limit entries to the United States on this one, since I am also donating the postage. Hope you understand!

A winner will be chosen at random in two weeks on Monday, March 14.


  1. I wouldn't under-estimate your talents in finishing this off! ;-) Seriously--a huge THANK YOU!!

  2. I donated. :) I used the Paypal button, not the Reese's Rainbow button. Does that matter? The regular Paypal button send $$ directly to the family.

  3. This may be premature to comment, but I scheduled my blog post for Monday, the 28th and 1 am.

  4. This is so pretty. I will be donating right now. And I am posting it on my Facebook as well. Hope I win!!!!

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  5. Well, I was just going to move out of the country but then I don't have a chance to win the wall hanging so I think I'll stay. I made a donation just now through Reece's Rainbow ~

    I also posted it on my blog sidebar and I "shared" it on Facebook (didn't know if I needed a separate comment to tell you that). ♥

    That is the cutest thing - and the color is the BEST.

  6. I will also post it on my blog now Monica! Thanks again!

  7. I just entered FINALLY after attempting TWICE (didnt have a balance in paypal, so had to use a debit card). This is a great cause and I wish them the best and prayers for this endeavor! The wall hanging is beautiful!
    Teresa (

  8. oops...forgot to include link to my blog where I posted it...

  9. Lucy HoneychurchMarch 6, 2011 at 1:03 AM

    Hi Monica. Is it possible to fund our own shipping if we happened to win. I also have a blogging name which is different to my own for a little anonymity...just to be complicated! ;)

  10. @Lucy- YES, you can fund your own shipping.

  11. YAY! I got the donation to work! please enter me for the quilted star and I've posted the fund raiser twice on my fb...I'm praying the Lord multiply these "widows mites" many times over!!!

  12. Hi just made a donation through RR. Great group. We have identicals with Downs. Takes a special family. Sandra in Maine.

  13. I was asked by my friend Hevel to leave a comment here that I had made a donation. I made it through paypal.
    I hope it will help the cause.


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