Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seasonal Sightings

Last year I mentioned how when Shrove Tuesday comes around I always forget to see about picking up some fasnachts (puffy donuts without filling and sprinkled with sugar). Some churches sell them as fundraisers and the fasnachts are available in most markets on this day every year. This year, I was running some errands it suddenly dawned on me that it was “donut day”! So I pulled into the market and was there late enough in the day to get some for half price.

The Mister did not grow up with fasnachts as a tradition, but a fast emptying box attested to their airy sweet goodness.

Another sign of the season are lambs everywhere. Aren’t they adorable? The ones pictured here did not appreciate my gawking and quickly ran off to find mama!

Don’t forget that the fundraising giveaway to benefit the Dueck family’s adoption ends this Monday on March 14. But you still have time to enter! One lucky person will win this quilted wall hanging/table topper. There is a $5 donation per entry ($10 equals two entries, etc.) through the Reese’s Rainbow link here, but PLEASE remember to leave a comment so we know to check with RR to make sure you are entered into the drawing.

International Readers outside the US may donate to win, but must be willing to fund their own postage.


  1. Oooo...those donuts look delicious!

  2. These seem like the opposite of paczkis "A pączek is a deep-fried piece of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. Pączki are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or bits of dried orange zest."

    "In Poland, pączki are eaten especially on Fat Thursday (the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday). Many Polish Americans celebrate Pączki Day on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). Traditionally, the reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house, because they were forbidden to be consumed due to Catholic fasting practices during Lent."

    They are sold here only during Lent-I will buy or make some.

    Your donuts look fantastic as well, do you have the recipe?

  3. So you eat doughnuts for Shrove Tuesday?! Here in England it's known as "pancake day" and that's what everyone eats then. (Our pancakes are thin, more like the French crepes than the typical American thick pancakes.) I always assumed it was the same everywhere. Mind you, I was out on Tuesday, so we haven't had ours yet. Probably on Monday I'll make pancakes for dinner - almost a week late, but no matter.

  4. I want a black and white lamb!! And donuts. Then I want to feed the lambs a bottle while I eat my fasnachts. By the way, I saw the quilted wall hanging mentioned in Amish America today! It's just so cute ~ have a great weekend. ♥

  5. You know, in New Orleans those are served on what is called *Fat Tuesday* and they are called beignets. :) They are a hit with the tourists during the yearly Mardi Gras celebration. :) YUM!

  6. Isn't it interesting all of the Shrove/Fat Tuesday variations on the same theme? I don't know why, but the German-American areas of te country clung to donates, the British to pancakes, the French to pastries (beignets) and so on.

    Anonymous- I have many doughnut recipes. E-mail me if you would like one!

  7. Oh, you're killing me! First the donuts, then those beautiful baby lambs!

  8. I'm not sure if these donuts are good for the spirit (abstinence), but they sure would be good for the tummy... yummy.

    Hot Cross Buns were a tradition in our family. My Mom made them (or tried to) during Resurrection Day holiday. My mother's grandparents were wonderful German bakers who owned a bakery in Garfield, New Jersey for years. My poor Mom tried to carry on the tradition and had many of the "family recipes", but the talent must have skipped a couple generations. She was talented in many other areas though, including art. Her sister was a very good artist too. Well, we can't be good at everything.

  9. I never heard of fasnachts. My son remembered the paczkis I sometimes got other years and begged for them this year... sure enough I happened to be in town the next day and saw a box in the "next day" cart. He was very happy. The ones in Ohio seem to always have raspberry filling. The box said it was a Polish version of that kind of tradition.


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