Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quick Note to Readers

Yes, I'm still alive, and I thank you all for your sweet e-mails of concern. About eight weeks ago I became very sick and had to put my blog (as well as many other projects) on hold for a moment. A reoccurring sinus infection has now compounded my problems, just as it seemed I might have been getting better!

Rest assured, I have some posts in planning, including a special guest post which I'll publish in the next day or so. Meanwhile, thank you for your prayers and your patience. ~Monica


  1. Hope all is well (or on the way to "well") and that your natural joie de vivre is coming back. :)

    Waving and smiling,


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  3. I'm missed you! Sure hope you are feeling better. The end of winter always seems to bring out bronchitis and sinus infections in most of us.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

  5. I am so blessed that i found your blog this morning. I have read through you older entries and look forward to your return that I may get to know you. May God restore you to His most wanted health for you. God's blessings be upon you and yours.

    Because of Him,

  6. Welcome back, and im glad that your health is on the mend. Richard from Lebanon countys Amish community.

  7. I've been missing your posts and have been praying for you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Monica, prayers for your continued "Verbesserung." I've been thinking of you... I had no idea you had a sinus infection on top of not feeling well before that.

    Many blessings to you, my dear friend.


  9. Aww. Thinking of you and hoping you're soon feeling better so you can enjoy springtime. Much Love, Val

  10. To tell you the honest truth, I haven't visited in a while. I hope and pray you are feeling better. Sinus infections can be really nasty and make you feel like doing nothing. With spring coming maybe it will make you feel a little better.

    We're praying for ya!


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