Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Down the Home Stretch

I thought it would never happen to me. I just wouldn’t allow it. It would just be too sad to have a neglected blog that never gets updated sitting out there on the internet, a testimony to negligence that all would view. And then it did.

As most of you know, it’s been a rough year and I’ve had what I think may be a somewhat atypical pregnancy experience. People always say, “every pregnancy is different”, but I’m not sure anyone believes that often repeated phrase. Friends have asked about “cravings” and “nesting” and other urges that have been non-existent for me. Few people have heard of the pelvic dysfunction that forced me to stop working earlier than planned (I’m 1 in 300) or can understand that I’ve had hyper-olfactory issues and food aversion this entire time, and not just for the first trimester that many women suffer through before it magically disappears. So, the journey thus far has been somewhat lonely. It’s been made better by my knowledgeable and understanding doctor whose seen it all before. He celebrates every passed test with me, and has let me know that no matter how lousy I’ve felt this entire time, this pregnancy has been relatively uncomplicated. I’m in overall good health and our baby appears to be both healthy and very active, despite my pain and discomfort. Since the only thing I’ve really prayed for this entire time is for the baby to be okay, I’m extremely happy that our little boy is doing so well, even if it’s at mama’s expense.

This experience has also been made better by caring friends and family members, who have been understanding about my limited ability to participate in things these past 8-9 months. Both church and family members have helped out by bringing meals for months now, and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for their help. My favorite activities are sleeping, watching dvd’s on the laptop in bed, and once in a while, going out for a meal. Pretty much in that order!

I had intended to work at the library right up until the very end, but it was not to be. There were days where I was too sick to get out of bed, had difficulty standing on my own, and I was always falling asleep on the job. It was a relief that I could leave early and use the limited energy that I had in more productive ways, like getting to my doctor appointments.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions in e-mail over and over, so I’ll answer them here as well, for anyone else who was wondering these same things...

Did you have a garden this year? No. We knew almost immediately we would not because I was so sick and unable to tend to it.

Did you miss gardening, canning, etc.? No. I’ve been so very sick that the only thing I miss is sleep when I don’t get enough.

Have you been sewing for the baby? I wish, but no. Early on my immune system was compromised by the pregnancy and later, my pelvic dysfunction limited my physical abilities.

When are you due? Mid-October, and we’re having a boy.

What have you been reading? Other than a few baby/pregnancy books, not much. I can barely read 2 or 3 pages of anything before nodding off into dreamland, so reading has been low on the priority list.

Are you going to blog again? I don’t know. I love to write, but feel like it would be tempting to turn this into a mommy-blog, and I’ve always found mommy-blogs to be a bit oblivious and repetitive. They just don’t hold a lot of interest for me. It doesn’t feel like something that would challenge my writing skills. So at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see.

So until next time...we’ll wait and see.


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