Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans sometimes get changed for the better, for all involved.

The plan was supposed to be that after our Duckling arrived, I would spend three weeks at my mother’s house where the proud new grandmom would assist in helping me care for the baby while my health recovered. An added benefit was that it would give the Mister just the right amount of time to put in a new bathroom at our house, so when Duckling and I returned home, one of the most inconvenient aspects of our renovation would be complete. What we didn’t know was that God was writing an even more elaborate plan for us. My grandmother’s health had been in decline for months. Three months shy of her 90th birthday, things were looking bad. She lives alone, widowed of course, in the family home. This is what she always wanted. To be independent, with her children checking in on her. But as her health failed, so did her independence, and so the plan was revised. I would stay on at mom’s as needed to help with my grandmother’s care. While here, the Mister would tackle not only a new bathroom, but the kitchen and flooring back at our house. Many evenings, the Mister makes the trip up to the suburbs to visit us here at mom’s house. It reminds me a bit of when we were courting, only now instead of taking me out for a meal, he holds the baby while I look at counter-top samples.

Three months later, I’m still here helping out where I can. The experience has been a triple blessing of sorts. My mother helped me in those critical first weeks home when I was recovering from the difficult pregnancy. The turn around was amazing. I feel great now, like I could run a million miles. Soon, I was able to help out where I could with my grandmother, mainly cleaning, making calls on her behalf, visiting, and a million other things you didn’t know needed to be done. Although it’s sometimes hard being away from the Mister, it has allowed him to make as much mess in the house as needed without fear of the baby inhaling construction dust. It has all worked out, somehow.

Life is somewhat unsettled by these evolving circumstances. There is nothing quite like helping to care for someone in the latter stages of their life while also caring for an infant. Late, late at night while the darkened world sleeps, I retreat to my own quiet space where I write, read, and find my balance. I’m trying to find my footing during this time of minor upheaval, and right now, those are my best laid plans.


  1. That makes me teary, but I can't say in a bad or a good way. It just is what it is right now. No matter what happens, or how inconvenient it will be at times, if I were a gambler, I would bet that when the duckling is older, you all will still look back with fondness (or maybe contentment is a better word) at these crazy days. The gift of the baby along with the gift of time spent with mom and grandma (and time for the Mister to work on the casa) - may not have been in your plans but it sure does seem to all be falling into place.

  2. I agree with The imP. Its not like any of this surprised God ... where He leads we should follow and not fuss and it would appear that your family is a very good example of His love.

  3. Aren't God's plans amazing? Your duckling is darling. I'm glad you were given this time with your newborn, mother and grandmother. You have truly been blessed.

  4. Dear Monica,

    I loved the way you compared your courting days to these days! I laughed when I read about the countertop swatches...Hahaha! I'm sure you are all enjoying this Godly organization. :)

  5. Sometimes thing don't go 'OUR' way. That's only a problem if you let it bother you!!! I try to not get bothered by God's way. Can't say I succeed all the time, but I try.

  6. It is amazing how things work out. When my first 'duckling' came along my nephew had been kicked out of his third daycare arrangement. My sister and husband were at their wits end. He was trying to finish up his doctorate and my sister was trying to work full-time. So I came to their house and took care of their very busy three and a half year old boy. It turned out to be a wonderful blessing. I could stay home with my bambino -- well, their home during the day. But my hubby worked near them, so we would come in together and then he would swing by and pick me up at the end of the day. My duckling was an easy, laid-back baby and I adored my nephew. So sometimes there can be unexpected blessings in those unexpected life emergencies. You are a wise young woman that you recognize the blessing you have been granted. Nancy


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