Monday, March 19, 2012

Stolen Moments

A large part of my blog has always been homemaking, except for when I tell an occasional story or anecdote. I love home arts, and ever since I could pour water out of a tiny toy tea pot into a miniature tea cup set before a dolly, it’s been one of my main interests. Lately, it’s been difficult to adjust to a schedule that allows any substantial homemaking activities due to the family obligations I’ve described in a previous post. I struggle to find time in my schedule and small ways to learn new things and refine my domestic skills while making caring for others a priority. Can I possibly be the only one who struggles with this? Even if your circumstances aren’t exactly like mine, I’m sure there are busy mothers out there with a sink full of dishes, a mountain range of laundry forming, and a slow cooker in over drive. I just don’t know their names or where they live because they won’t tell me.

Lately, I’ve looked to make a difference in small ways. Here are some homemaking pursuits I’m doing in roughly 15 minutes a day.

Scrapbook-ing. Working on a scrapbook is a great way to both organize your memories while giving you a creative outlet. It’s something I can work on little by little, and when the baby wakes up I can pile everything back into a box so it’s out of the way until next time. Meanwhile, I feel good about making something for our family and recording our precious memories. Making a scrap book is like making a cake. It can be a fancy three-tiered piece of art or a simple vanilla sheet cake. It’s flexible and you can accomplish something lovely without a lot of bells and whistles.

Organizing. This is what ideally I should devote at least 15 minutes a day every day to doing. Baby items can get out of control so quick, and he’s already outgrown one size of clothes. Lately, I’ve been doing some clutter busting using the approach of selling, donating, or giving away items that we no longer need. Some people feel great after shopping, but I feel great when a box of “stuff” disappears from my living space.

Planning Future Projects
. Because I can always dream! Seriously, I'm not "pinning" stuff on Pinterest for my health. I want to spend 15 minutes once a week either working towards a craft or cooking project, or flat out completing one if it's manageable. You know those outgrown baby clothes I mentioned? Well I'm taking the most worn ones, the ones so bad you wouldn't even donate them in good conscious, and am cutting them into squares for a memory quilt some day.

Enjoying Spring. If it's a warm sunny day, nothing will stop me from getting outside and enjoying God's creation. My duckling loves the sights and sounds of this exciting new world, and I love to show it to him. Red breasted robins everywhere, trees blooming, and all the colorful bulb flowers coming to life. Not to mention the exercise. I think if I do nothing else in a single day, this may be the most important and enjoyable chore on my list.

So tell me, how do you as a busy woman find time to manage your home, life, or family? What are your stolen moments?


  1. I sort of have a goal to sub-divide my time during the day. If I don't, then I end up spending way too much time on the computer on unfulfilling tasks. I'm more relaxed when there's a plan in front of me and I'm organized, and yet I've been letting that go hay-wire in the past few mon...years.

    I seriously get butterflies in my stomach when I see a new project I want to start. Weddings and babies will always be in my future for somebody, I figure, as well as charity projects, so I need to buckle down and get going. They say getting started is the hardest part, but at least I have a goal. I must say, we've tried more new recipes from Pinterest than I ever would've guessed and most have been go-ood.

    I'm glad you're finding a sense of rhythm with the little one and are carving out little snippets of time in your day. Those will be the things you look back on with the most joy, I'm sure. ♥

  2. Oh yes sweet friend~
    Tis the biggest problem of every keeper of the home. It does get easier as the children leave but I say enjoy the journey. Make a list and do the next thing on the list. What does not get done is not life altering put it on tomorrow's list. Cherish each moment with your children for soon they will be walking out the door~ as I am now understanding.

    Enjoy your journey!

  3. It's been a long time since my children were little ones, but grandchildren also take lots of my time. Brandon comes to visit in the summer and keeps me very busy. Right now my daughter is living with us and she is 9 mos. pregnant. She's working still, but I don't think it will be for long since she has had some ankle swelling the last week or so. Soon there will be another little grandboy. His name is Norman and he will arrive any day.

    It's a precious thing to have those moments when you can share yourself with your family. I do remember that when the girls were little housekeeping came second to spending a day outside on the first warm spring day, or taking a day off and going to the beach, or just reading a book to them. I would do that even now if my grandson lived closer... well one of them will be living closer very soon... I'm so excited!

    Cherish the moment 'cause they grow up way too fast.

  4. It's been awhile for me, too ... but you got me to thinking. Fondest memories are taking the boys and finding the puddle near the head of a neighboring street and floating sticks in it, chasing them down the small rivulets of water that ended up near the storm drain at the end of it. Grabbing the sticks and doing it again! Sometimes we made paper boats. We also liked to spalsh in the puddles wearing our water proof boots in the spring and just using our bare feet in the summer. The warm asphalt would bring the temperature of the water up to a very comfortable level; almost like bath water. We also liked to find black eyed susans in the summer. We'd cut big bunches for great grandma. She is 88 and loves them more now than when her grandsons were just little boys. Here are some titles that took up a lot of my time years ago: Riding Bikes; Legos; Star Wars Saber Fights; Candy Land/Chutes and Ladders/Life/Monopoly/Risk; Chocolate Chip Cookies; Sourdough Bread; Playing in the Snow; Impromptu picnics at the lake; Learn to Swim program at the High School Pool; Piano Lessons; Little League; Marching Field Band Mother (uniforms and pit crew). I think I'm tired from typing all this ... ;-)


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