Monday, May 21, 2012

Outside Ideas

This year, once again, it's the inside of our home getting all the attention while rampant neglect reigns outside. It makes me look twice as longingly at other yards where I can both appreciate their beauty and their owner's hard work. Lately I can't stop idea shopping for when we reach the landscape phase of our renovation. Although there won't be anything fancier than a bird bath and a new deck, I can't stop seeing simple and cute garden ideas everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites...

I love these partially buried clay pots full of succulents. My source tells me these are called "chicks and hens."  

I hope no one was looking through those blinds watching me take a picture of this fanciful bicycle planter. I love all the little places on it to slide in some flower pots.

 Who says a bird bath can't also be a stand for pots of pansies?

 It's an's a's an umbrella tree~ whatever it is, I appreciate its dual purpose of looking cute and providing shade.

 Campanulas (also called Bellflowers) are nice easy perennials. So pretty and delicate...would love to get some of these into the flower bed next year. 

Or why not accessorize the grass with a baby? 

Just so there is no confusion...these pics were not taken where we live, but while visiting family. The busy two lane road where we live, populated by farms and fields, is pretty underwhelming as far as gardens are concerned. It makes me appreciate these scenes even more. 


  1. Yes, I'll take one of the baby accents, please. It's precious and looks like it might be useful to keep small dogs occupied and chase the bunnies away. Was he on sale because he looks like he's top of the line? Well, I know what I'm going to do with my old bird bath now - buy a plant for it! I love that idea. We got a new one and I'm having trouble parting with the old one because it's cute, but it's concrete so it's cracked and leaks and we can't use it (run-on sentence much?). I'm going to set it back up and put a plant on top. Love the outdoor ideas - cuuute.

  2. I really like that bike in your garden, very different and i like it. Richard

  3. Thought id stop by again to say "have a very nice memorial weekend folks. Richard

  4. OH, he has the most beautiful eyes! They are chicken and hens, my Momma has some in a planter like a strawberry pot that she has nutured for years. I had to smile, we have lived in our house for 22 years and it was a fixer upper, we are still working on it and I have never gotten around to landscape. I always admire everyone else though!

    1. Cindi, we've been working on our house for only a fraction of that time, and as far as landscaping goes, it's one step forward and two steps back. It's almost pointless until the house itself is finished, so I really appreciate everyone else's.

  5. Monica so glad I'm everything looks great ..What a sweetie pie sitting on the grass. How are you feeling? <3

  6. Melting my heart, that boy is!! Love him!! He looks just like his mommy in this picture! And I love the red! You're right - he looks fantastic in every color!

    Beautiful blog-posting! Love the hen-and-chickens spilling from the pots. And Miss Imperfect Housewife, here's another idea for your birdbath. Clean it up, paint it a fun color, bring it in the house, top it with a round of glass, and use it for a fun side table. That's what I did. I put polished river rocks where there should be water. It's much easier to take care of, now that I don't have to worry about keeping algae from growing in it. (Actually, this was a new birdbath when I bought it to make a table, so no algae has ever grown in it.)

    ARGHH!!! I'm have a terrible time proving I'm not a robot! This thing won't let me post! I can't have messed up THAT many times!

    1. BAT Mom is that you? Ugh! Stop calling my friend a robot!

      I love that idea for a bird bath as a side table! That sounds so cute. I know I couldn't pull that one off. The Mister would be like, why is there a bird bath in the house? I'm always having to explain decorating to him. When I get my bird bath up and going I'm going to try the idea of putting copper in it to prevent algae growth. With the big black walnut tree near our bird feeders, I'm more concerned about the water turning black.


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