Friday, August 31, 2012

If Pinterest Was A Person

You say, I just wanted to check in real quick. Maybe there is a fast supper idea here. Can you help me, old (new) friend? I'm not even going to pin anything. I just need a quick look.

Pinterest says, sit down and stay a while. Get comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, did you see this easy diy chair reupholstery project?

Not what I'm looking for at all...huh, macaroni in a mug. A thousand ways to wrap a gift. Vinegar and chalkboard paint will save the world. Ugh, salted caramel. Why won't that just die?

YOU NEED TO PIN THIS NOW AND READ LATER>>>IT HAS OVER 4,OOO RE-PINS>>>Have you prayed for your husband today?

Stop making me feel bad because I didn't pray for my husband today. I trusted God to look after him, okay? Falling leaves, pumpkin latte, a chill in the air. People love autumn. I wish I could get excited about autumn. Mmmm...blackberry crumble, that's exciting. Where are all these pallets coming from that folks build stuff with? I mean, we have pallets laying around but we're building a house. What's their excuse? Smoothies. Pretty wreath...darn, it's a craft. I want to buy it, not make it.

All your friends love this 1885 farm house kitchen. Melanie re-pinned this apple pie.

Seriously? I actually know here. She can make a better pie than that with her eyes closed. Okay, I'm getting distracted. Let me visit my food board.

Wait! 40 ways to tie a scarf!

It's 90 degrees outside. 

Pin now, save for later. You'll be sorry!

Ignoring's some artichoke pasta I re-pinned twice. Brown sugar chicken. Oh, it's spam. Not even a spam recipe, just spam. Yum, there's that lemon cake I've been wanting to try.

You can rub soap on your mosquito bite to make it stop itching. Amanda is now following you. Giraffes!

 I'll get a restraining order. Hey, here's something quick and easy. Whew. Okay, now where was I? Oh yes...that is a cute and doable baby picture. Pin! No scrub cleaner for stove burners...well if that works it's worth something. Ahh, built-ins. I wish we had planned for built-ins before we, uh, started building.

Faith in God Includes Faith in His Timing.

Yes. You know what I really need to pin? Hope. Is there any hope on here?

My HOPE is in HIM. This is the easiest pad Thai you will ever make. It's no-sew. Never shuck corn again!

Yeah, right. If there is one thing I know for certain, it's that I could pin that and be shucking corn tomorrow. Uh oh, was that a cry and a huff? The baby is awake. Gotta go!

Come back! Copy-cat spaghetti baked in garlic bread smothered in salted caramel...

You've held me hostage long enough. Maybe I'll come back and visit later tonight.  But I'm just going to visit, not pin anything. a Mason jar!

Oh please.

(Edited to say: I actually enjoy Pinterest, and you're welcome to follow me if you do too.)

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  1. Pinterest although it has noble ideas to it, just didnt stick with me much.. I found my self getting distracted when my focus should be with my family first... plus some of the stuff can really make some one covet things they shouldnt..

  2. Hi Monica,
    I love the pictures of the little "duck". He's so cute. I so enjoy baby pictures. We have a new little grandson Norman who is such a joy. His mom came to live with us just before he was born, so we've watched him grow these past 5 months. Being the grammie, I get to hug and kiss and then hand him back when he gets cranky. His mom is going on a hike this weekend, so I'll have him full-time for a couple days.

    I share your frustration with "Pinning". When I see something I think might be interesting to try making or cooking, I make a copy and save it... well, that pile has gotten so big I know for sure there's not enough days left in my life to do all those fun things. I have lots of UFO already to attend to. Hmmm... maybe I can get some UFO's done for Christmas this year, then next year start all over ***sigh***

    1. Hi Mrs. Doug! I'm so glad you're enjoying your new grandson. What a blessing to get to see him every day during these precious early months. Surely he will be a joy for years to come. Norman is such a noble name.

      I'm actually not frustrated by pinning, but can see how that message might have come across. In fact, I'm grateful for a fast, easy, and useful tool that keeps recipes and ideas worth revisiting in a place that doesn't clog up my bookmarks. :) I love sharing ideas with others, and find it a fun way to unwind after a busy day. I've used quite a few of the ideas, and they've helped me save time and resources, so no complaints there. It just fits this season of life. Best of luck with your UFO's. We've all got them! :)

  3. That was too is exactly how I have felt on Pinterest and I know how you can think you are just going on for a minute and get lost for an hour or more.

  4. Ha! And ha! You have a great brain. Odd compliment, perhaps, but I love how yours works.

    I hope you'll find lots to love - and many blessings - this autumn, dear writer. Kiss the duckling's head for me, okay? :)

    1. Ditto to everything Rhonda said - especially the "great brain" part and the kisses for that precious little Duckling!

  5. I...LOVE...IT!!! Ditto times infinity. I get on there for just a sec and it spider webs its way into half an hour, but I enjoy it, too, and use a LOT of the things I find on there. It's exactly what you said - a way to organize without clogging up bookmarks and paper piles. I even gave my husband my password so while we're making the grocery list he'll go on my food board and write down a new meal to try that week. I've already done the heating pad under the bread to make it rise faster and yes, if you have a microwave, you WON'T have to shuck corn again - 4 minutes and it slides right out with no hairy things on it.

    Salted caramel - hilarious! It still sounds good to me and have you noticed now everything is s'more this and s'more that?? Cute the first thousand times, now I'm over that one...I think. ;) Great post and I'm proud to be your "follower".

    1. Aww, I'd follow you anywhere! Yes, I have noticed about the s'mores. I never thought twice about s'mores until I started seeing them in various forms a hundred times a day and now I'm constantly craving them. Vicious!

  6. I LOVED this post, too! As always, you crack me up with your creativity and humor! Now that Facebook made me have the Timeline, and since I got to see Pinterest in action when Favorite Son brought Girlfriend home last week (she showed me how it worked and how I could stay anonymous), I guess I should join.

    PS: I'm afraid to tell you, but the sound of salted caramel is making me drool all over my keyboard.

    1. Good grief. I was just rereading this blog and the comments, and I don't have a clue what that sentence I typed was meant to say exactly! But what I MEANT was that now that I don't have to go through Facebook to have a Pinterest account, and can just use an email address, I see how it's possible to be completely anonymous, which is what I would want.

    2. I completely understood what you meant, BAT Mom. :)I hear they're working on some privacy controls on Pinterest, too, so some boards can be public and others private. It's a great idea if you want to name some boards something like "Gifts for my kids" and keep it under wraps.

  7. LOL! I'm resisting . . . I don't have TIME for it even though I like the concept . . . ;-)

    1. Oh, I hear you! If it didn't help me unwind then it would be out the door at this point. :)

  8. Just wanted to wish you a happy Labor Day to you and your readers. Richard

  9. This was great!!!! HAHAHA!!!! (I'm finally catching up with my blog reading!)


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