Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Guest Post Elsewhere

Today I am sharing some of my experiences with Duckling over at The Fussy Baby Site

Mom and baby looking forward to the future together.

I know this won't be of interest to all my readers, but this website was a tremendous source of support and encouragement to me, and still is on rough days. Maybe if you know of someone who is struggling with a colic baby, or just one that seems a little harder to handle, you'll remember this resource and help someone out by mentioning it. Thanks.


  1. I wish I would have had a website like that to turn to back when our oldest was a baby. He was very much like the way you describe your little duckling. The screaming has stopped more than ten years ago but I think what ever it was that made him react to life the way it did is still there.

    He is very compassionate, deep thinking, and aware of everything. He is a great joy in our life that make those first eighteen months seem like only a bad dream.


  2. I'm so glad you said that, Mary Ann. Another big encouragement has come from mothers who went through the same thing, and almost all share stories of how their children grew up to be very sensitive and bright. I remember seeing a drawing your oldest created (I think it was a plan for a city) and thinking he was a genius. Of course, at this stage I'll just be happy when mine stops screaming about everything and learns to adapt better to his surroundings. :)

  3. Oh Honey: My heart aches for you at the moment.. but there is always hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.. my son was very similiar... the moment he was born he was crying alot, screaming or it seemed angry.. except in my case my baby boy did not want to be held it was too nerve racking for him even as a tiny baby and infant and toddler... Later we found out he was high sensory.. noise, touch, colours just made him very colicky and unhappy... add to him being lactose intolerant and then not able to communicate verbally until he was 4 among everything else.. it was sleepless nights for what seemed forever.. nothing made him happy and that left me in a very worn out.. oh my gosh my son doesnt love me thinking.. it was tough my husband was deployed alot during his early years so he didnt experience half of what I did. BUT THERE IS HOPE and THERE IS LIGHT... My son like the commenter above yours... my son is also very compassionate, deep thinking and YES aware of everything... almost to a fault at times and he is now almost 12... Despite the rough times.. I woldnt trade my handsome boy for nothing..

    1. My heart really aches for the people who go through this and never have anyone to turn to for support, which is why I value that website and my friends who have had similar babies. We've explored possible sensory issues, but as you know, at this early age it's impossible to diagnose. Meanwhile we do see improvement every week, even if in just small ways. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  4. I wonder, is there a Cranky Mama Site? My poor baby would have benefitted from reading how to cope with a new mama that was learning how to be a mom to a colicky baby for the first time!

  5. You did a fine job writing that post. I'm so glad that you made it clear that at this time of a baby's life, it's about making his environment one that he can thrive in. Babies aren't supposed to do what we want. We are supposed to give them what they need. Figuring out what that is is the hard part. But I don't have to tell YOU that!


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