Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall at High Noon

It is noon and it is fall.

I have already showered, fed the baby, assembled my cleaning supplies for something I'll tell you about in a minute, washed a load of towels, welcomed my husband home, cleaned up a huge mess made when a quart jar of tomatoes broke and splattered on the floor, bathed the individual responsible for said crash, cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floors, got an old clock out of the car which had been there since yesterday after being picked up from the repair shop, oh, and made sure other pantry jars are secure as a prevention measure. It is only noon, and I am slowing down.

What is it called when you volunteer to do something as a service, but with a self serving ulterior motive?

In our church, members take turns cleaning the building via a sign-up sheet, where one can take a two week turn at cleaning. Once a year we all come together and do a thorough window washing and whatever else needs to be done, but the year round housekeeping works through the sign up sheet with most signers committing to a month. It was very over-due for my turn, but it wasn't the guilt that got the pen in my hand. It was the smell.

For a very long time I've been noticing a certain stale smell that hangs in the sanctuary and clings to our clothes long after we're home. The Mister can't smell it, but I can, and I plan to eradicate it with the aforementioed cleaning kit which contains numerous odor reducing products. My idea of opening some windows once in a while has never caught on, so now I have to launch chemical warfare. While pumpkin festivals abound, this is what my fall afternoon looks like.

It is an autumn noon, and yet it is eighty degrees. I am sweating in my denim skirt and cotton top, getting ready to meet a friend and her children at the park. I love afternoons at the park, and always keep one eye on the ground for natural things I can show Duckling, things to make his eyes widen and enlarge his world. Things that are not acorns, which he puts in his mouth.Whatever corn is still standing is brown and the bean fields are yellow. I hear thuds from the black walnut tree losing its fruit. The changeable sign at the farmers market has one word on it: Apples.

It is an autumn noon. 

Natural thing found at the park.

As an aside...Last week I shared my abundance of outgrown baby clothes and a few other new and unused items with our local pregnancy crisis center. It's a double win since they are out of our space while hopefully benefiting a baby in need. This past year my heart has expanded in new ways for moms and babies, and pregnancy centers like the one mentioned here do a wonderful service to unborn babies and mothers with few options. Now that yard sale season is over, maybe you will consider donating any gently used baby items to centers like these.


  1. Beautiful pictures and you certainly are busy. The folks in our church share the work as well. It is a good thing!

  2. Well BRAVO to you!! It was just a few short months ago that by noon, a shower wouldn't even have been in the picture for you, let alone laundry or cleaning - or maybe I'm thinking of someone else. ha ha That makes me happier than anything - your little Duckling, while active and healthy, is allowing your schedule to fit some odds and ends into it.

    That's like a perfect shot of that butterfly or moth or whatever flying critter that is! And just one question...why is it that husbands can NEVER smell anything??? I don't get it. Actually Scott can't hear anything either but they tested his hearing and they said it was fine. I'm demanding a re-test. When we got new windows at church, they were very adamant about not opening them until the whatever-it-was dried. Well, I guess no one quite got over that because it's been at least 5 years and those windows are never open. When it's too hot inside, I keep looking over there hoping someone will read my mind and go crack the window a bit, but nope. I know I should sit closer to them and do it myself but we always sit on the left side and it would throw off my whole church routine. LOL Have a great weekend ~ ♥

  3. I must agree too.. Husbands or men in general must not have a good sense of smell, because I can smell things and I get the look like I am crazy.. but its said those with great sense of smell have a great sense of taste.. and I think that is true..

    That is a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE.. its as though it was painted with silver in that blue of the wings..

  4. We have an odor in our church ... not sure why. Someone must think those plug in air fresheners must be a good idea and they are EVERYWHERE. Bill is allergic to them. I'm not much better. The church smelled fine to begin with, but what's a body with a runny nose to do? We're outnumbered. No one else thinks they are overpowering, let alone smell fake. Ugh. Give me pine sol, lestoil, top job, mr. clean... but do NOT give me airwick!

    By the way, GREAT POST! :-)

  5. So now I want to know...mission accomplished? Or not?

    Please do a follow-up on this so I can rest tonight. LOL. Seriously, though. Good for you.

    And I liked your "bathed the individual responsible" line. I'm going with the baby. :)

    Waving and smiling,



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