Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome to The Compound

Am I the only one in blog land without a cute name for my home? It seems the internet is littered with Blessed Acres and Faithful Farms. I just made those up, don't hate me if that is what you call your little corner of the earth.

It never occurred to me to name our little farmette. Indeed, we don't run a business, so have no need to call our residence anything other than home. It has little distinctiveness, but no need for a corporate name. It's small, and mostly hidden. Which is why The Mister's brother calls it The Compound.

Let me explain.

One of the first major improvements I insisted on when we moved here was a fenced-in back yard. If I'm going to have dogs, this is a requirement. So the Mister built a six foot fence along the back property line, which took away some lovely scenery but serves us well. Did I mention the fence perimeter is further enforced by some thorny shrubbery that I can't stand? That's right. Don't even think of climbing over our fence.

While The Mister was building a humble wooden fence, I was devising plans for a sixty-foot stone wall and moat to protect the front of my castle. At the very least, it would stop trash thrown out of car windows from floating up to our front door. At the most, it would secure our fortress. The Mister then explained about zoning codes and township-enforced size limits on fences, then came up with another plan. Arborvitae. He could get them wholesale from a cousin who owns a nursery and would plant sixty-some of the tall shrubby trees to shield our estate on all sides not encumbered by a fence. Yea, it came to pass that a mighty wall of shrubbery was built, giving us the appearance of someone bedding down the hatches. Just in case someone was thinking of coming in and sneaking wood from our woodpile. 

The only leaves left are the gold ones. I love seeing this tree from our window on the west side.

Like all of The Mister's designs, the fortified perimeter is extremely functional and not very pretty.  It doesn't exactly scream "Welcome!" It barely whispers of the warm hospitality insidelo. It shields our construction debris, multiple vehicles, projects, animals, and yes, the woodpile, from intrusion. It causes my brother in law to call it The Compound.

The nickname suits my introverted personality and makes me laugh, so I'm okay with that. While I love to look at pictures of pretty houses that are up to their roofs in curb appeal. I also like to read the posts that rarely get written, the ones that make me say, that's like my house! My family! Me too! They say you should write the things that you would like to read yourself. Maybe this reminds you of some quirky area of your life, and makes you fell just a little more, well...welcome. 


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