Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing Skies and Fresh Coats

It's all Martha Stewart's fault.

Or maybe just inspired by her.

Let me start at the beginning.

When we first purchased The Compound, back in its mini-pound stage with creaky floors and crooked walls, we knew a remodel would be in our immediate future. Not quite the tear-down and rebuild-while-living-in-it job it turned out to be, but that it was going to need some attention. It's most redeeming features were largely external; some nice trees, and brand new shutters in a colonial blue color that was a perfect compliment to the flat horizon and enormous blue sky that enveloped us on all sides.

We thought about how we wanted to shape the house, how it should look. It was, and is, tiny. I couldn't understand why God gave us such a tiny house until the baby arrived to show me. That sounds strange, but now that our Duckling has grown into an active Little Mister, with his mini tool belt full of plastic wrenches and hammers, I couldn't keep up with one more square foot. It would just be one more dirty square foot that I would agonize about never having time to clean. Like that dirty spot behind the sofa you know about, even though no one else does. You think about it and it grates. What, it doesn't? Well good for you, you're one up on me.

I had picked out the perfect pallete of colors to paint our walls and trim. Something from a special Martha Stewart collection of paint colors. We bought one gallon of something called "Cake stand blue" to experiment with, and promptly lost it in storage as walls were torn down and the weeks turned into years. Can you imagine a more perfect name for a color? Oh, I'll find that paint can someday, you wait.

Now, when the time came to really paint, I pulled out the swatch and drove to the Big Box Hardware store to make the buy, only to discover a lot has changed in five years. Martha is a fickle franchise, and she left that store years ago and her colors were permanently retired. Now what? Days were spent taking my aged Martha Stewart color card to different stores in order to come up with the best possible match. This is what life had come to, driving around holding up a paper with an inch of color on it, trying to capture what I loved most about being here, trying to capture all the light and goodness with just the barest,  hint of a delicate blue. I examined colors called "Daylight" and "Robin's Egg" and "Snowcap" and of course, "Sky".

 A lot has changed in five years. I feel growth on the horizon and have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. Not only am I no longer working as a librarian, I can't even get to the library. Much to my shame, I don't even get much reading done. It feels time for a fresh coat of paint around here. So, I'm considering a name change for my blog, and am open to suggestions.

Meanwhile, there are still walls to paint, and cabinets being built, toy screwdrivers in the laundry, and pies to bake. It's our own color swatch, and it can't be matched.


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