Sunday, August 11, 2013

That Kind of Friend

You know those friends you hardly ever get to see, but the moment you do, it's like not a single second has passed since you last spoke to one another? Time may pass in enormous blocks, months go by, and then a chance meeting erupts into a reunion where everything you say to one another is fascinating and important. It's not just the catching up on the current happenings in your lives, but the parts where you can really go deep with that person.

I have a friend like that. Probably more than one. Actually, quite a few close friends fall into this category. I just had an unplanned visit with a favorite friend who I rarely see, but whose absence is very present. When we meet, we can pick up exactly where we left off without missing a beat. We tell each other things in honest but gentle ways.

We met up at the park. She was watching a friend's daughters and so had at least half a dozen children to look after. I had one that felt like half a dozen.

 She says she can tell I'm a new mom. No one has ever told me that. Not even in the hospital when I was the newest of new moms. People usually think I have ten kids. But she knows me and gets me, this lady who lives two miles down the road and really ought to visit more frequently.

She tells me she doesn't like to garden but feels like she has to, you know, "because of the culture we choose to live in." I tell her how some days I feel like God put my family in a dark corner, and tell her of my struggles with Little Mister. She extends no shock or negativity at this confession, just the warm extended hand of love. We talk of babies, and husbands, and growing corn. We speak of faith, and sorrow, and smile knowingly at the fortune we gained the day we crossed paths.

I tell her her I'm going to visit her soon, and she will make tea and I will bring treats. You don't have time to make treats, she tells me. She's right, and I can't fool her, but I'm going to do it anyway. 

A week later, I was someplace else and saw these two boys playing together. I figured they knew each other real well because they played so nicely together, making an obstacle course that involved climbing on roof tops. Little Mister played alongside, though he's far from the big boys league. 

 After a while, I heard one say to the other, "Hey! What's your name?" 

I hope they become lifelong friends who can meet up at the playground someday with their own children. When they do, I hope they talk as if no time has passed at all.


  1. I love this question, "Hey, what's your name?"

  2. I love this. It seems to me that sometimes we're surrounded by "being better" or "judgment" and when we have someone who just accepts us without either it's such a gift.

  3. Another beautiful story. Love the pictures, too!

  4. (Is it just me, or are these word-typing tests getting harder?! Perhaps a visit to the optometrist is in order...)

  5. I was recently missing one of my friends as you describe. She lives too far away, though BUT we were online at the same exact moment while logged into FACEBOOK.... not quite the same as crossing paths, but I cherished the moments!

  6. Thats true friendship...pick up where you left off, no matter the time elapsed. Cute picture of those two boys playing and being children...doing what children should be doing :) Blessings friend

  7. Monica, I know that kind of friend... I have several of those. Which reminds me... it's been too long since you and I've had a phone chat.

    Thanks for sharing your reflections on life. They are to be cherished.

    Many Blessings,

  8. I like this, Monica. And I sure do like these kinds of friends. These relationships, I've found, are vastly worth the effort. I think you'll know what I mean.


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