Friday, March 7, 2014

Big Projects on the Homefront

     No, not the kind that involve window washing and painting trim. I have a few personal updates to share with you.

     A while back I wrote a post with some of my thoughts about transitioning to a full time home maker, and I also mentioned the dilemmas dear to my own heart of living on a single income and making economic adjustments. It may have been around that time that I started taking a closer look at ways to cut our grocery budget and researching some ideas for putting our savings in high gear. Doesn't that sound better than putting our spending in low gear? One blog I came to really know and love was The Thrifty Frugal Mom, and I studied it closely for months before actually going full throttle and implementing some major strategies that I learned from that blog. That was last September, and I was honored when the Thrifty Frugal Mom herself, Lydia, asked me to write a guest post about how I got started, along with some of the challenges and ways that her saving system has helped me. If you are interested in frugal living and money saving strategies for homemakers, I encourage you to visit her blog often, but right now you should go read 5 Tips to Spend Less but Get More

     In other news, I wanted to give a brief update on the Little Mister. In a previous post, I mentioned how last summer he began therapy for some issues that no one could quite put their finger on at the time. We got in line for the long nine month wait to see a specialized pediatrician who we hoped would have more insight into what was going on. During that time, he has made remarkable progress. So many of the behaviors that worried us then have been corrected. Those things were like clouds in a starry sky, and once they dissipated we were able to see the sky more clearly and get a truer picture of any constellations that were out of alignment. There was, is, one star that was dimmer than the rest, and it is his lack of verbal communication. We now know that Little Mister has verbal apraxia. The best way I can describe apraxia is that most people have a fast and wide road that runs from their brain to their mouth, so they can easily form words and get their mouth and lips to do what they should in order to speak. Children with apraxia have a narrow road, with potholes and maybe a bridge out. It's much, much harder and very frustrating because they DO understand everything but can't communicate like the rest of us. 

    Progress is slow, yet there is a lot of hope and we continue to invest in speech therapy as we understand that it is our best tool  for treatment. We have also started learning sign language. I can tell you that learning a new language at this point in time can seem overwhelming, but also exciting. Kind of like entering a really good fabric store with a full wallet.

There's a timber harvest taking place at my in-law's wood lot. As you can see, we're not afraid of big projects.

     Oh, and don't worry. Just because our son doesn't say anything doesn't mean he can't communicate at all. He definitely makes his needs known and in many ways, he is louder than words.


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