Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late Summer Love

Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like you got nothing done? It was the most unproductive day, ever. Maybe you had a headache and every time you thought to start a project, calamity broke out, followed by organized chaos and a complete memory loss of what it was you were trying to start ten minutes ago. 

Then, at the end of the day you realized that although you did nothing, someone managed to do two loads of laundry, served three meals, answered the phone, changed the dead batteries in two toys, volunteered for the church bake sale, cleaned up the kitchen, and gave the dog a bath? I guess someone might have done something after all. Sometimes summer feels like that. It flies by and you think it went so fast and didn't get a chance to do it all, but you find that somehow, you did even more.

 I've been blessed with some lovely summer moments these past few weeks. The freezer corn is all in, the last pickle has been picked, and we were able to enjoy a few days in PA visiting and enjoying some family time together. One day I even got to fly solo and do a little shopping. It felt a little decadent to take my time browsing in a bookstore while, all around me, women were pulling wagons of empty jars and peach bushels.

 I adore windmills and don't see them very often anymore. There are other ways of pumping water now, but I hope they don't disappear altogether. 

One of these things is not like the other...

We enjoyed a day with some extended family at one of our favorite antique tractor events in mid-August. Last year, Little Mister fell asleep in his stroller and I dashed out for a quick trip to the fruit farm. No such luck this year! His plan was to start his own parade of power while the others fell asleep at the wheel.

The field corn is starting to brown a little bit on the edges now, but did you know it is still fun to run through and hide while mom chases you and visions of helicopters and search teams dance in her head? True story. Someone save me.


  1. Lovely thoughts, pictures and I so remember running through the field corn...and getting lost. Illinois, outside of Chicago...I thought
    it was funny at first, but, stopped and realized I did
    not know where I was. Sounds...drew me back the small house we were vitsiting .
    recious little boy of yours...blessings on your very produtive of days......EVERYDAY...haha --Merri

  2. Nothing sends me back to my Kansas farm girl roots faster than the sight of a windmill. Sounds like summer was a success at your house. I hope the warm weather continues for you. I KNOW how you hate having to put away those flip-flops each year! Thanks for the lovely posting!

    1. Haha, and I've finally gotten to the point with that wonky ankle where I can comfortably wear a good quality flip flop. It would be a shame to not get another couple of months out of this achievement.

  3. Love the story, the pictures, and that adorable smile on the face of your little sweet, but maybe you weren't thinking that, at the time ! :) Blessings friend

  4. Love this post! The little Mister is just SO ADORABLE!! Never lost a boy in a cornfield but did at a big grocery store and the same boy in a rack of dresses at JC Penney - we both lived!

    1. Oh Peggy, I think my mom has that same story about losing a child in the grocery store and I think it might be about yours truly! LOL! So glad you both lived to tell the tale.

  5. That last pic, adorable! And exactly my thoughts when my children try to run into the corn :)

  6. Plenty of windmills out here in Iowa. Maybe you should come see them!!


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