Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lighter Chicken Alfredo Pizza

 I kept seeing all of these delicious pizza recipes made with Alfredo sauce, but the idea of cooking heavy cream and slathering it on dough was a little much for me.

Enter...delicious experiment.

This is by no means a diet dish. This is what it is:

  • An Alfredo pizza with no heavy cream.
  • Kid friendly, husband approved.
  •  Versatile, easy, and tasty.
 After making my regular pizza dough and shaping it on the pan, I grilled some chicken and chopped it until it was almost shredded. Then I made the sauce.

Lighter Alfredo Sauce:

2 Tablespoons of butter
1 1/2 tsp. minced garlic
1 1/2 tsp. grated lemon zest
3 tsp. flour
1 1/2 cups low fat milk (I used 2%)
3 Tablespoons low fat cream cheese
1 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
fresh parsley
salt and pepper

A small amount of shredded mozzarella
Bacon bits

In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat, and then add garlic and lemon zest. Cook for two minutes. Add the flour, and cook for one more minute. Whisk in milk and a teaspoon of salt, stirring continuously until thickened. This will take about five minutes. Add the cream cheese and Parmesan, whisking until melted. Season with salt and pepper.

I spread two-thirds of the sauce on my prepared dough, followed by a sprinkling of parsley, the chicken, and then drizzled with the rest of the sauce. I finished with a handful of mozzarella, some bacon bits, and chopped scallions. Then I baked at 425 for about 15 minutes.

This was tasty and a little different from our regular homemade pizza, but next time I'll add some spinach and chopped tomato. 

It only lasted long enough for this quick picture.

On a side note, I can't begin to tell you how frigid it has been here. Could I really be planting peas a month from now? It doesn't seem possible. My garden is a barren wasteland inhabited only by tiny birds frequenting the suet feeders. A hot pizza supper on a Saturday while on snow-watch  sounds good to me. 


  1. This looks and sounds delish! on a snowy Saturday night!! :)

    1. I'm looking forward to making it again with the additions I mentioned. :)

  2. I love happy mistakes, especially when it comes to pizza. I can't remember if I told you about a (very non-diet) happy experiment we did one evening with pizza. We had some leftover spinach artichoke dip and decided we'd try that on the crust. We then topped it with crumbled bacon and some mozzarella cheese. Our mouths and stomachs thanked us for days and my hips are still yelling, "REALLY???" So worth it though. The chicken Alfredo sounds right up my alley, I need to Pin this so I remember. Thanks!!

    1. That sounds like a delicious combination! What could be better than my favorite dip and pizza? I'm sure it's healthy too because I saw the word "spinach". ;) Seriously, I would definitely try that.

  3. P.S. Is that your good china? I like your separate compartments ~ very fancy! ;)

    1. Yes, yes it is. I don't believe in saving the good stuff for just special occasions. :)

  4. While I was reading this, I was thinking, "Oh, top it with some fresh chopped tomato garnish, Monica!" And then it was reminding me of something I used to make in Arizona with some crackly Armenian cracker bread called Lahvosh. We could buy the Lahvosh already made in the grocery store, then I melted some sort of white cheese on it (I can't remember what kind it was now) and topped it with fried bacon chunks and fresh chunks of chopped tomatoes. It was so fast and easy and delicious! Herbs like chives or cilantro would be great on it, too.

    1. I'm trying to imagine what Lahvosh must be like...a crackery flatbread? It sounds delicious!

  5. I must say that pizza looks delicious. I will miss having pizza, because it was a favorite of mine! But I can't have it after my surgery. I shall live :) Maybe spring will come soon for you. Blessings friend ♡

    1. It's a favorite of mine too, but it's okay not to have pizza for a season. You're doing great Shelley, and I'm glad your recovery is going well. You will survive and that is all that matters. :)

  6. Oh yum! I love chicken alfredo pizza. I have a "lighter" version that I make too but mine doesn't have the lemon zest. That intrigues me. And could you be kind enough to enlighten me on the difference between scallions and onions? I keep seeing them and wonder what the advantage is. Do they taste that much different?

    1. Me too, Lydia. I'm looking for a good barbecue chicken pizza recipe right now. The lemon zest gives the sauce a nice hint of freshness. I just made this pizza again last night, but added spinach and left off the scallions, because I was out.
      The deal with the scallions (or as some people call them, green onions) is that they give a hint of an onion flavor without the more powerful taste of a regular onion. It's almost like a fresh onion condiment. They're a great topping on mexican food and loaded baked potatoes, too. Also, after you cut off and use all the green tops of a scallion bunch, you can put the white stems with the roots in a jar of water and they will grow back once or twice more. So if you get a bunch of scallions for 33 cents, it comes out to 11 cents after you regrow them a couple more times.


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